Hygiene Brands


Company Headquarters

Meilin Street, Nan'an City
Quanzhou City, Fujian 362200

Company Description

JoyLink was established in 1997. It's one of the leading companies based in China, supplying disposable personal hygiene products of high quality, with over two decades of experience in baby care, incontinence care and feminine care products. It’s a well recognize brand, enjoying a growing consumer base.

JoyLink has three manufacturing facilities, spread over an area of 140,000 square meters, in Quanzhou, which is close to Xiamen, an important seaport based in Fujian Province. There is a huge warehouse of 60000 square meters, with experienced workers providing professional and experienced cargo handling services. Its production facilities and products are audited by external certification bodies, and the company carries out rigorous quality control programs and certifications to ensure its product performance is in accordance to the standards that the customers expect. 


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      Texon Achieves Two Industry Accreditations

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      Needlepunch Market Report

      Needlepunch Market Report

      Growth in core markets has led to investments around the world.
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    • P&G Posts Sales Growth

      Overall sales up 3%; Baby Feminine and Family Care segment down 1%

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      Baby Diapers in Nigeria

      Baby Diapers in Nigeria

      Competitors are fighting to be part of the action.
      Danielle le Clus-Rossouw, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor Cape Town, South Africa 01.05.18

    • The Automotives Market in Japan

      The Automotives Market in Japan

      Fluctuating market makes doing business locally difficult; opportunities better overseas.
      Kin Ohmura 01.05.18

    • Karweb Nonwovens

      Karweb Nonwovens


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      The Feminine Hygiene Market

      The Feminine Hygiene Market

      Brands are using new product launches and innovative marketing tactics to lure in customers.
      Tara Olivo, Associate Editor 11.10.17

    • Berry Global

      Berry Global