• Bust or Boom?

    If you read the news, you would think the U.S. baby diaper market is in a bust. This week CNN reports that the birth rate dropped to a historic low in 2017 as would-be parents pushed back parenthood. At the same time, the $12.6 billion diaper market…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.02.18

  • There’s Something About China

    China continues to play a more prominent role in the nonwovens and related industries. Over the past 18 months, the developed markets like the U.S. and Western Europe have looked to Chinese diapers for inspiration when it comes to diaper design. Mean…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 01.05.18

  • Amazon.com. Will the Second Time be the Charm?

    Last month, Amazon.com quietly launched its own brand of private label diapers. Not only was this launch without any significant marketing or promotional efforts, it was an invitation-only launch, meaning that only a select few of Amazon’s cust…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 12.07.17

  • Not Your Mother’s Product

    As a mother of three girls (some of which are rapidly approaching puberty), and as the editor of Nonwovens Industry, the changing landscape of the feminine hygiene market is something I monitor very closely. In recent years, we have seen a more open…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.10.17

  • Let’s Play Nice

    The fight against flushability continues. As this issue goes to press, a new organization, International Water Services Flushability Group, which was formed by the stakeholders in the wastewater treatment industry, is seeking comments on a set of pro…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.18.17

  • Seeking A Name Change

    Recently, I had a conversation with someone new to nonwovens. Throughout this conversation, this person kept asking me, “what makes that a nonwoven?” He could not seem to grasp that things as different as a baby wipe and a roofing substra…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.11.17

  • Dreaming of Africa

    This month, Ontex announced the next frontier in its globalization plan—Ethiopia. The European manufacturer of private label and branded hygiene products announced it had opened its first plant in the country, once known for severe famine, and…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 07.31.17

  • Flushability: The Fight Continues

    It was no surprise that the issue of flushability was a hot one at this year’s World of Wipes (WOW) Conference last month. So hot that even though  show organizers waited until the final session of the conference to focus on flushability,…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 07.10.17

  • Nonwovens—Best in Class

    As this issue goes to press, I am fresh off a visit to the Nonwovens Institute (NWI) at North Carolina State University, a spot that is rapidly becoming (if it isn’t already) the center of innovation and research and development in nonwovens. I…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 06.06.17

  • Welcome to the U.S.

    Last month, I traveled down to Grey Court, SC for the opening of Mogul’s new spunlace facility—the Turkish company’s first foray into U.S. manufacturing as well as its first operation outside of Turkey. Mogul announced its plan to e…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 05.04.17

  • So It Begins

    Deadline came early this month at Nonwovens Industry...nearly two weeks early to give us enough time to get this issue across the Atlantic for INDEX, which will undoubtedly be the year’s largest nonwovens event with more than 500 exhibitors and…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.27.17

  • Knowing Your Consumers

    As the wipes market continues to expand in size and scope, it is gaining new customers daily. Depending on the task at hand, consumers in this market can vary significantly—a multitasking mom, a tween experimenting with makeup for the first tim…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.27.17

  • Pacific Rim

    Southeast Asia: A Market Up for Grabs

    While new nonwovens investments have cooled in Southeast Asia (mirroring trends we’ve seen around the world) in recent months, we continue to see interest in related industries in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It see…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.09.17

  • Spunlace is Spot On

    Spunlace and wipes. Wipes and spunlace. Ever since the wipes boom of 2000 (the year which, I believe, this publication dubbed “The Year of the Wipes”), it seems that gains in wipes have meant gains for spunlace and vice versa. In the earl…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.09.17

  • Coming to America

    Big moves are being made in the diaper market in the Americas. In the past few weeks, two major European players—Ontex and Drylock—announced their intention to acquire diaper manufacturers based across the Atlantic—one in Brazil (On…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.02.17

  • The Changing Face of Hygiene

    Forever, it seemed there were two major diaper players in the U.S.—Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark. These two rivals were constantly trading market shares with new innovations and marketing strategies. When one company lowered prices, s…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 12.01.16

  • Friend or Foe?

    A woman’s menstrual period, sometimes referred to as a “curse” or other times referred to as a “friend,” is still considered a taboo in many parts of the world, believe it or not. In these areas, girls know little or not…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.07.16

  • M&A: Paving the Way for Change

    This summer Lydall announced it would acquire Canadian needlepunch manufacturer Texel with the hopes of not only increasing its sales but also upping its exposure into markets like liquid filtration and automotives. Lydall used a similar strategy a f…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.09.16

  • Apparel | Associations

    What is a Nonwoven?

    Fifteen years ago, I wrote my first-ever Nonwovens Industry editorial under this very same headline—What Is A Nonwoven? At the time, I really did not know. To say that learning curve in this industry was steep is an understatement. I still find…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 06.09.16

  • Contracts/Awards | Fibers | India | Nanotechnology

    Ramkumar Honored by Texas Tech

    Professor earns 2016 President’s Excellence in Commercialization Award for his contributions to the nonwovens industry.