• Texfelt


    Unit 2, Cutler Heights Business Park Cutler Heights Lane Bradford BD4 9AW U.K. Tel: 01274 905411 Founded in 1992, nonwovens manufacturer Texfelt was taken over by the Taylor family in 1995. At the tim…

  • How Does a Diaper Manufacturer Prepare for Africa Continental Free Trade Area?

    Whenever you make a decision to go to emerging markets, you will need conviction

  • Southeast Asia—Still Thriving

    Despite trade limitations and virus outbreaks, Asia continues to grow in many consumer markets. Key among these are disposable hygiene segments like baby diapers and feminine hygiene products where growth is being achieved for many reasons. For on…
    Karen McIntryre, Editor 03.05.20

  • SpillTech


    6455 East Johns Crossing, Suite 375 Johns Creek, GA 30097 1-800-228-3877 Headquartered in Johns Creek, GA, with a manufacturing facility in Mobile, AL, SpillTech has manufactured and offered distributors…

  • Africa’s Hygiene Sector Leaders and Significant Players

    Africa’s Hygiene Sector Leaders and Significant Players

    New players are coming up to dominate categories that have traditionally been the space of multinationals

  • Data Driven

    One of the top news stories coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, last month was the official introduction of Pampers Lumi, the world’s first all-in-one connected baby care system. The product combines a smart HD v…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.07.20

  • Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens

    Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens

    No.16 Hongda Road Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 0086-571-8917 0665 Headquartered in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, Nbond Nonwoven…

  • Diaper, Baby | Middle East/North Africa

    The Pull-up Diaper in Africa: Opportunities, Myths and the Self-fulfilling Prophecies

    Brands should look at winning strategies from other regions and add local flair
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting (Africa Market Specialist), Johannesburg, South Africa 01.03.20

  • Paving the Way

    Hello Bello. Cloud Island. Poof. Honest. Parasol. These are just some of the new brands that have popped up in the diaper market in recent years, each with their own special attributes and marketing message. While their stories vary, each of the b…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 01.03.20

  • Altex Gronauer Filz GmbH & Co. KG

    Altex Gronauer Filz GmbH & Co. KG

    Düppelstraße 12 48599 Gronau Germany +49 (0) 2562-9321-0 Based in Gronau, Germany, ALTEX group’s roots go back to 1936 when its founder, Bernhard Stienemann Sr., started a business by tra…

  • Baby Diaper Production Trends

    Baby Diaper Production Trends

    Decreasing exports lead to lower production levels
    Kin Ohmura, Osaka Marketing 12.10.19

  • Sustainability, Africa Region and the Hygiene Sector

    Despite the shocking statistics, many African nations are actually at the forefront of the fight against plastic
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting (Africa Market Specialist) 12.10.19

  • The Green Dream

    The subject of sustainability has never been as prescient in nonwovens as it is today. At the recent Hygienix and Outlook conferences, talk of alternative raw materials, lower weights and greener products was rampant as the industry faces upcoming ch…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 12.10.19

  • Lessonia


    Croas ar Neizic 29800 Saint-Thonan – France Tel. 33(0)2 98 07 23 65 Fax 33(0)2 98 07 23 66 Based in the northwest of France, Lessonia manufactures cosmetic finished products, cosmetic raw materials a…

  • Eastern Europe/Russia | Western Europe
    Italian Nonwovens Sector on Verge of Breakthrough

    Italian Nonwovens Sector on Verge of Breakthrough

    Industry set to benefit from machinery expertise

  • Diaper, Baby | Middle East/North Africa | South Africa
    E-Commerce in Africa and the Opportunities for a Hygiene Manufacturer

    E-Commerce in Africa and the Opportunities for a Hygiene Manufacturer

    E-commerce in Africa is growing, but it is still in diapers. How can a diaper brand take advantage and be ahead of the curve?

  • Lifting Taboos

    A few weeks ago, Saturday Night Live had a great skit about the lengths women will take to hide the fact that it’s “that time of the month.” The skit had tampons and pads hidden in controversial items like a copy of Mein Kampf or a…
    Karen McIntye, Editor 11.08.19

  • Deciphering the Nigerian Diaper Consumer

    Looking at the consumer’s social influences, social pressures and habits that shape the consumer’s brand and purchase decisions

  • What’s Your Secret?

    It is no secret that makers of diaper and other hygiene products are constantly seeking new customers. As birth rates drop and penetration levels rise, diaper manufacturers see fewer and fewer opportunities to increase sales of diapers in places like…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 10.11.19

  • Do or Die

    In the past 12 months, the EU plastics directive has quickly replaced flushability as the most talked-about topic in wipes. The impact of the Single Use Plastics Directive, which puts significant limits on the percentage of plastic waste that can go…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.20.19