• Diaper, Baby

    The South African Diaper Market

    South Africa is Africa’s second biggest economy and the most developed
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting (Africa Market Specialist), Johannesburg, South Africa 09.13.19

  • Say Goodbye, Say Hello

    Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to many big companies in our annual top company report. My first year writing the report (way back in 2001) was the first year that Dexter Nonwovens, an early trailblazer in the industry, was left out. Dexter…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 09.13.19

  • Eastern Europe/Russia
    AO Vtor-Kom

    AO Vtor-Kom

    454008, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk Tract, 34 Russia Tel. +7 (351) 791-38-72 Established in 1990, AO Vtor-Kom has become a leading Russian manufacturer of nonwoven materials for the construction, oil and gas, an…

  • Pacific Rim
    Domestic Demand in Japan

    Domestic Demand in Japan

    Diaper production influences import and export trends in Japanese nonwovens industry
    Kin Ohmura, Osaka Marketing 08.05.19

  • Nigeria Hygiene Space is About to Get Exciting

    Nigeria Hygiene Space is About to Get Exciting

    Country is Africa’s biggest market by population size.
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting, South Africa 08.05.19

  • Nonwovens—Luxury or Necessity

    Fifty-plus years ago when the first disposable baby diaper products appeared on store shelves, many parents viewed them as wasteful, not being able to comprehend buying something to simply use once and then throw away. Since then, times have changed,…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 08.05.19

  • Airlaid
    SharpCell Oy

    SharpCell Oy

    Toittilantie 5 FI-47400 Kausala Finland +358 29 007 4370 Finland-based SharpCell Oy is one of the newest airlaid manufacturers in the world, but its founders established their expertise with this nonwovens technology more than…

  • Nunex Worldwide

    Nunex Worldwide

    Zona Industrial do Neiva - 2.ª Fase 4935-232 - Viana do Castelo Portugal +351 258358190 Founded in 2012, the Portuguese company Nunex Worldwide already assumes a leadership position in the co…

  • Diaper, Baby | Middle East/North Africa | South Africa

    Technology, Low Income Channels and the Diaper Category

    Innovation does not have to be complicated or fancy to be effective
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting (Africa Market Specialist), Johannesburg, South Africa 07.11.19

  • Defending Plastics

    The impact of the Single Use Plastics Directive, which was adopted by the European Parliament last year, on the nonwovens industry was the subject of much discussion at the World of Wipes (WOW) conference last month. The directive seeks to significan…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 07.11.19

  • Scandinavian Nonwoven

    Scandinavian Nonwoven

    Alevägen 1 291 62 Kristianstad Sweden +46 (0)44-20 39 60 Headquartered in Kristianstad in the southern part of Sweden, Scandinavian Nonwoven was founded in 1982 by two Swedes who, by then, had already bee…

  • Diaper Market in Japan

    Diaper Market in Japan

    Regulations on “social buyers” have decreased exports to China
    Kin Ohmura, Osaka Chemcial 06.05.19

  • Of Shoes and Diapers

    It is not what you see/know that matters but rather how you interpret what you see/know
    Raymond Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting, South Africa 06.05.19

  • Need To Know

    In recent months, many of the world’s largest makers of feminine hygiene products have launched new products or product lines featuring natural or organic raw materials. Among them are tampon maker o.b. which has provided its customers with a n…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 06.05.19

  • Composites Solution

    Composites Solution

    312, Creative Indl. Estate, N.M.Joshi Marg, Mumbai- 400011 (India) +91 22 40238805 Composites Solution, formerly known as FRP Accessories, was established in 1983 as a marketing, manufac…

  • Taboos in Our Industry

    Customers still have trouble discussing menstruation, incontinence
    Ray Chimhandamba, Handas Consulting, Johannesburg, South Africa 05.03.19

  • Still Developing

    As this issue went to press, INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, announced the publication of its latest North American Nonwovens Supply Report. This study—the sixth of its kind—provides a view of how the industry is p…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 05.03.19

  • Keep ‘Em Coming

    Fifteen years ago (give or take a few years) when the wipes market began its proliferation into new categories, touching more consumers lives than ever before, I figured at some point the ebb of new products hitting the market would slow down. Around…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 04.05.19

  • smartMelamine


    Tomšiceva cesta 9 1330 Kocevje, Slovenia Tel +386 41 709694 The Slovenian company smartMelamine d.o.o. officially started the industrial production of meltblown nonwovens made of melamine in…

  • Chinese Nonwovens Industry Aims for Massive Export Growth This Year

    Stagnant economy, lower yuan value have led producers to look outside of China for growth.
    Eugene Gerden 04.05.19