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Bandz USA Inc.

Company Headquarters

1000 Main St.
P.O. box 219
Smelterville, ID 83868
United States

Company Description

Bandz,Inc. is a pioneer in the manufacture of Thermacore airlaid composites. Thermacore is widely used in adult incontinence and in other medical/industrial superabsorbent applications. Bandz also produces a line of bladder control pads and booster pads for adult incontinence.

International Buyers' Guide

Additional Roll Products Information

    Fibers Used: Bicomponent
    Thickness: 3.1 - 3.5 mm
    Width: 24 - 30 inches (610mm - 760mm)
    Applications: adult incontinence/ medical / industrial
    Sales Manager: Jamie Marshall
    Product Manager: Stacy Pearson, President
    Brands: ThermaCore

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