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Company Headquarters

Sumer Mahallesi Cal Caddesi No:78 20175
Denizli, Denizli Turkey

Company Description

HIFYBER is a manufacturer of energy saving, mechanically efficient, durable nanofiber filtration media (roll goods). Our focus applications include Industrial Dust Collection, Gas Turbine Air Intake, HVAC, Cabin Air and Face Mask. We are a global supplier, and we currently sell our nanofiber filter media all over the world.

International Buyers' Guide

Additional Roll Products Information

    Plant Locations: TURKEY
    Fibers Used: Bicomponent,Flame Retardents,Nylon,Polyester,Polypropylene
    Applications: Face Mask /HVAC / Industrial Dust Collection / Gas Turbine Air Intake/Automotive
    Services: Coating /Laminating /Corrugating/Slitting/Testing
    Sales Manager: Mehmet Caglar Gonullu
    Product Manager: Volkan Demirel
    Brands: HIFYBER
    Brand 2: TECHNOBAG

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