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      Baby Diapers in Nigeria

      Baby Diapers in Nigeria

      Competitors are fighting to be part of the action.
      Danielle le Clus-Rossouw, Senior Analyst, Euromonitor Cape Town, South Africa 01.05.18

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      China Leads the Way in Diapers

      China Leads the Way in Diapers

      Everyone is looking east for sales growth and design inspiration for the next generation of disposable diapers.
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      Diaper Recycling Efforts Underway in Wales County

      278 tons of diaper waste diverted in past six months

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      Tena Upgrades Technology in Incontinence Products

      Tena Upgrades Technology in Incontinence Products

      New ConfioAir breathable technology promotes skin health

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      Decades of Design

      Decades of Design

      Alyne brings never before seen technology to adult incontinence market
      Karen McIntyre, Editor 11.10.17

    • Selective Modification of a Nonwovens Surface:

      U.S. Patent No. 9,662,248

    • Medical Nonwovens Update

      Medical Nonwovens Update

      Nonwovens producers and manufacturers of end-use products focus on expansion and product development.
      Tara Olivo, Associate Editor 07.31.17

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