Griffin Care

Company Headquarters

80 Manheim Ave
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
United States

Company Description

We can supply Retailers of all sizes, as our unique manufacturing processes design enables us to cost effectively provide low minimum order quantities. You can count on the Griffin Care Team to design products, package counts and marketing support customer designed to meet the specific needs or each class of trade.  With our decades of experience helping retailers, coupled with market trend analysis, provides us with the ability to custom design from a signal sku to an entire category solution to meet your market growth objectivesAt Griffin Care LLC, we strive to provide cost effective and superior quality products for use in hospitals. Our number one goal is to create evidence-based products that stand out among other similar products in the industry. We continually search for new ways to make quality care an easier task for hospital staff, while at the same time bringing security and comfort to those using our products. We rely on feedback from our customers to help us streamline our products to make them the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective products on the market.

Long Term Care

Understanding the importance of our products in Long Term Care facilities, we know the value of providing a brand that is most efficient and provides the most comfort to the patients who use our products. Griffin Care has used its resources to help facilities meet the needs of its patients while improving the quality of care they are able to provide.

Home Care

Griffin Care is proud to be the provider of many quality products being used in homes across the U.S. Our high quality products have been proven to enhance the lives of those who use them. Our product lines are highly regarded in the industry and have received much positive feedback from those who use them. The excellent quality, durability and absorbency of our products have proven to give freedom and peace of mind to our customers. We are continually striving to find ways to make our products even better and always look to the consumer for feedback and comments. Our highly trained personnel are always eager to help our costumers to be sure they are using the product that will best suit their needs.



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