Hygiene Brands

Pom Pom

Company Headquarters

Avenida Sapopemba 6200
Room 1 Vila Prudente
Sao Paulo, 03374

Company Description

The Protek Baby Diaper has become the Pom Pom Mother Protection. It now has 12 hours of absorption, providing more peace of mind to Mom, day or night. In addition to the strap that opens and closes without damaging the diaper, it has better fit to the body, supergel flakes and new print with two colors.  Pom Pom Mother Protection is the only one in the market that has the exclusive size Grandfathers, for babies with up to 24kgs.

The new Pom Pom Colo de Mãe diaper is designed to be soft and comfortable like Mom's nest, and still leaves the baby dry longer.

Brand Owner


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