Company Headquarters

Av. Las Torres #402
Parque Industrial
General Escobedo, NL 66062

Company Description

We are a 100% Mexican Manufacturer company of disposables hygiene products, such as: Baby diapers, Adult diapers Wipes  and feminine pads.

Our experience from over 20 years has allowed us to grow and evolve within the mexican market, positioning our brand in all the mexican republic. In 1995, we cross borders and expand our distribution abroad. today, our brands are sold successfully in the United states, Central American, South american and the Caribbean.

Our products are highly recognized because of the quality of the materials, the design of our products, the technology used and the excellent workmanship involved in manufacturing. Our competitive prices have made the Lambi brands offer to our customers the perfect balance between price and quality.

We have a commitment with our consumers to offer only great quality products, All of our manufacture processes are certify under the international legislation ISO 9001:2008 Our excellent customer service is another quality that distinguishes our brand between clients and distributors and is part of chart of values. We feel passion from our company, our people and our brands. We overcome the difficulties from the day by day just to keep growing for our customers always with a clear vision of he future, innovating and evolving, celebrating with pride to be Mexican Company.


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