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Bonino Carding Machines

Company Headquarters

Via Gramsci, 3
Biella, 13876

Company Description

Bonino Carding Machines is an Italian company with more than 100 years of experience in carding machine manufacturing. Our machine portfolio our machine portfolio ranges from fibre opening and blending machines for any kind of fiber, to roller cards, flat cards for cotton/ viscose or natural fibers igienic and sanitary products, aerodinamic web formation machines as well as Turbocards, cross lappers and web drafters. The company also produces carding sets for wool, cashmere, reclaimed fibers, carpets. Bonino can also supply complete line for recycling of woven and non woven wastes. The production is 100% internal in order to be able, when required, to produce customized products and to fully support customer needs.

International Buyers' Guide

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