Autefa Develops HiPerMask

Autefa Develops HiPerMask

Fully automated line makes respirator masks in line with EU and US standards

AUTEFA Solutions, as a leading supplier of nonwoven machines and automation solutions, has developed HiPerMask, a fully automated production line for the manufacture of respirator masks. HiPerMask produces respirator masks in accordance with the EU FFP2 and FFP3 standards, as well as the US N95 and N98 standards.  The mechanical and electrical design, production and assembly and software programming take place in Friedberg, Bavaria and Frauenfeld, Switzerland. The first machines were put into operation in Germany and Switzerland in May 2020. AUTEFA Solutionsoffers a full service for production start-up, consumables procurement and certification support. Short delivery times guarantee a quick start in the production of FFP2/ FFP3 and N95/N98 masks.
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