Italpañal S.A.

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ITALPAÑAL SA was founded in 1989, having detected the lack of a product for mild or moderate incontinence, produced after a surgical intervention or a urinary infection. We also think about the cases of people with permanent incontinence who were unable to leave their homes to make purchases, visit family and friends because they felt the fear of urinating on their clothes. Now in both cases they can freely enjoy life, go out, walk, bond without that feeling that incontinence caused them.

We started with a straight diaper that met initial expectations. Today we incorporate a state-of-the-art machine that produces an elasticized diaper, the same as that used by babies, which adjusts to the body and replaces female and male underwear and allows free and agile movements without the presence of a diaper being noticed. between your clothes. Today we are a leading company in incontinence diapers and we want to continue on that path so that our parents and grandparents have freedom and peace of mind in all places they move since the super absorbent gel contained in diapers, immediately solidifies the urine without leaving odor.


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