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Company Headquarters

Iidabashi Grand Bloom, 10-2, Fujimi 2 chome, Chiyoda Ward
Tokyo, 102-0071

Company Description

Based on the concept of a brand that offers relief and satisfaction, Attento aims to create trustworthy, quality products that prevent leaks and skin trouble and that anyone can use easily.

By providing better nursing care diapers, we provide psychological and physical relief for everybody concerned, respecting the individuality of each person.

Main Products

ATTENTO 1-night Comfortable Pad — absorbing up to six times, preventing leaks even when turning over or lying on the side

A single pad prevents leaks in any position, whether you're turning over in bed or lying sideways, offering comfort all night long.

The close-fitting absorber provides effective leak-prevention, so if the diaper is changed before sleep, both the caregiver and the person in care can enjoy deep sleep without any worries about changing diaper.


Introdu cing our Factories

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.
(Kitsuregawa Factory)

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.

(Fuji-Kitayam a Factory)

Kitsuregawa Factory Production Line

Fuji-Kitayama Factory Production Line


Brand Owner


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