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Swiffer upgrades with 'HD' technology

September 8, 2011

The brand re-designed its products to provide improved performance and technology, and a high definition clean.

Swiffer is redefining its meaning of "clean" with upgraded products featuring their latest High Definition technology. The roster of newly improved products includes Swiffer Dry Cloths, Swiffer Dusters and Swiffer WetJet Solution.

"Swiffer is going beyond traditional methods to deliver a clean so extraordinary that the definition of clean as we know it has been elevated to the idea of 'High Definition,'" says Jeff Pierce, home care external relations manager at P&G. "Consumers will be pleasantly surprised when they use our products and discover the new level of shine and clarity we're providing."

Spurred by customer feedback, Swiffer re-designed its products to provide improved performance, improved technology and a high definition clean. The new and improved Swiffer Dry cloths trap and lock dirt more thoroughly than a broom on multiple floor types, including textured surfaces and even in grout lines. With a higher coating level, it now leaves floors up to three times cleaner than a traditional broom on dirt, dust and hair, P&G says. The Swiffer Dry cloths are also thicker and fluffier than before to trap and lock dirt and dust. With its new pattern design, the thicker cloth can better adjust to floor details. It has deeper ridges to easily conform to the surface of floors, digging deep into grout lines and crevices.

The new and improved Swiffer Dusters clean better than a dry dust cloth and are coated with Dust-Lock Adhesive that combines textured dusting strips with thousands of dust locking fibers to clean better than a regular dry cloth, even in tight and hard to reach places. The Swiffer Dusters have thick gather strips that trap and lock more dust than before – two times more dust than a dry cloth. It also has better dust retention – holding on to dust better than a dusting cloth. Swiffer Dusters can go virtually everywhere, and its new handle has better ergonomics, making it easier to assemble and hold the duster pads securely while cleaning. Additionally, Swiffer Dusters have textured fibers that remove up to 90 percent of common household allergens, trapping and locking up to two times more dust, pet hair and allergens from cats and dogs versus a feather duster.

Lastly, the new Swiffer WetJet solution reveals more shine than a mop on glossy ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate floors. It improves cleaning by removing residue, decreasing streaking and hazing to reveal a floor's natural shine. The improved solution's advanced formula loosens dirt and lifts it off of the floor, allowing the pad to absorb and trap it away.

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