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Published May 12, 2014
US Patent No.: 8,632,514 B2 Inventor(): Sofie Gilberte Snauwaert, Koenigstein, Germany; Robert René Van Pappelendam, Desingy, France; and Markus Hermann Borbach, Frankfurt, Germany. Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, US… Read More »
Published November 6, 2013
US Patent No.: 8,298,205 B2 Inventor(s): Niclas Norrby, Göteborg, Sweden; and Jan Wästlund-Karlsson, Mölndal, Sweden. Company: SCA Hygiene Products AB, Göteborg, Sweden. Filed: 11/13/06 Issued: 10/30/12 An elastically stretchable… Read More »
Published October 8, 2012
Receiving a U.S. patent is an absorbent article comprising:  a topsheet; an outer cover; an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and outer cover. The outer cover comprises an extrusion bonded laminate, the extrusion bonded laminate compr… Read More »
Published July 9, 2012
A researcher for SCA has received a U.S. patent for an absorbent article comprising an elastic laminate; the pants-style absorbent article comprising a chassis structure, the chassis structure comprising a front panel having a front end edge and firs… Read More »
Published June 6, 2012
Patented is a  pant absorbent article comprising a chassis structure, the chassis structure comprising a front panel having a front end edge and first and second side edges, a back panel having a back end edge and first and second side edges, a… Read More »
Published November 1, 2011
An elastic single-sided stretch laminate has been patented. The laminate comprises an elastic layer with an array of continuous filament strands with an elastic meltblown layer deposited on them. This elastic meltlbown layer comprises an elastic poly… Read More »
Feel The Stretch
By Sandra Levy, Associate Editor
Published June 7, 2011
The nonwovens industry is developing innovative technologies to help producers incorporate more stretch into the design of hygiene, medical and industrial products, responding to increasing demands for better fit, comfort, elasticity and recovery Read More »
Published March 2, 2009
Super-soft, stretchable elastic laminates will target diaper ear applications. Read More »
Published March 1, 2009
Tredegar Film Products, a global leader in elastics innovation is introducing Flex?Feel elastic laminateŅa super-soft, stretchable elastic laminate for diaper ears and large area applications.FlexFeel is a breakthrough elastic laminate that responds… Read More »
The performance film division of Avery Dennison has released a textured laminate that gives the look and feel of metal stamped finishes and dimensional technical patterns, providing vehicle manufacturers with increased design options to customize the… Read More »