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    700 S. Battleground Ave. Grover, NC 28073 Tel. 704-457-3003 / 336-905-0171 Established in 2016, Uniquetex, LLC, is a joint venture between Foshan Nanhai Beautiful Nonwoven Co. Ltd. and Wenzhou Chaolong…

  • Legal/Regulatory | North America

    TRUMP’S TRADE WARS: Battling on Multiple Fronts

    New administration policy’s are shaking up global industry.
    Dawnee Giammittorio, Associate Director at The Franken Group 07.06.18

  • Acquisitions and More

    Acquisition activity has picked up in nonwovens recently leaving industry watchers scratching their heads over what this means for the industry going forward. Of course, the industry is no stranger to acquisitions. Many of the largest nonwovens produ…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 07.06.18

  • Contract Services
    Canopus Wet Wipes

    Canopus Wet Wipes

    B-54 Printech Park Cluster, KIADB Industrial Area Phase-1, Harohalli, District Ramnagara - 562112, Karnataka, India Tel. 91 9880510330 India has become a promising place for nonwovens and h…

  • Market Data
    2017 Roll Goods Import and Export Data Released

    2017 Roll Goods Import and Export Data Released

    New numbers show exports expanded nearly 5% while imports slowed.
    Dawnee Giammittorio, Associate Director, the Franken Group 06.01.18

  • Trade Associations Stick to Their Guns

    In May, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) levied a $700,000 fine against household wipes maker Pental for falsely claiming its White King wipes were flushable. Pental was found to have misled its customers into thinking that i…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 06.01.18

  • German Nonwovens Industry on Verge of Steady Growth

    Nonwovens producers in the country are expanding.
    Eugene Gerden 05.04.18

  • Diaper Growth Leads to Nonwovens Demand

    Diaper Growth Leads to Nonwovens Demand

    Japanese diaper makers rely on exports.
    Kin Ohmura 05.04.18

  • What’s in Store for Japan?

    Each year, the global nonwovens industry gathers in a set location for a huge trade show. This location, as we know, rotates between North America, Europe and Asia. In North America, the spot has in recent years mostly been Miami Beach, while in Euro…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 05.04.18

  • K-C Legal Win: What Does it Mean?

    The wipes industry scored a victory in December when a federal court put a hold on a Washington, D.C., city law regulating flushable wipe labeling. The legislation had passed the city council a year earlier and was due to go into effect on January 1&…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 04.12.18

  • Pakten A.S.

    Pakten A.S.

    Pakten A.S. 2.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83221 Nolu Cadde No:9 Baspınar-Gaziantep/Turkey Tel. +90 (342) 337 45 50 Fax +90 (342) 337 45 55 Turkish hygiene producer Pakten A.S. established itself in the year…

  • Who Has The Power?

    Over the past decade, the growing influence of online retailers, subscription services and other new sales channels have changed the dynamic between retailers and consumers. The internet has given both sides of the relationship more tools in both tra…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 04.05.18

  • The next great frontier

    Some of the world’s keenest observers of the global baby diaper market were surprised by the Chinese consumers’ thirst for ultra-premium, soft baby diapers. Many of the major multinational brands entered the market with value offerings, t…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.02.18

  • Mega Disposables

    Mega Disposables

    Mega Disposables 148 Dekelias str. 13678 Aharnes, Greece Tel. +30 210 2419800 Fax +30 210 2419818 Established in 1980, Mega Disposables produces a wide range of hygienic disposables including sanitary napkins,…

  • Pacific Rim
    Japan Sees Increase in Baby Diaper Production

    Japan Sees Increase in Baby Diaper Production

    Chinese demand for Japanese-produced diapers is aiding growth.
    Kin Ohmura 03.02.18

  • Eastern Europe/Russia

    Russia Allows Parallel Imports, Posing Threat to Business of Major Diaper Producers

    Global producers could face serious difficulties doing business in the market.
    Eugene Gerden 03.02.18

  • Right at Your Fingertips

    For decades, Nonwovens Industry has included a directory of manufacturers with its annual reports on each of the three major hygiene categories—baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene. Since these directories were being published…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 03.02.18

  • Legal/Regulatory

    FDA Seeks Comment on Labeling Requirements for Nonwoven Medical Devices

    Agency seeking knowledge on whether new regulations are a burden.
    Peter G. Mayberry 02.02.18

  • Bust or Boom?

    If you read the news, you would think the U.S. baby diaper market is in a bust. This week CNN reports that the birth rate dropped to a historic low in 2017 as would-be parents pushed back parenthood. At the same time, the $12.6 billion diaper market…
    Karen McIntyre, Editor 02.02.18

  • Xamax Industries, Inc.

    Xamax Industries, Inc.

    63 Silvermine Rd. Seymour, CT  06483 USA Toll Free: 888-8256-2928 Main: 203-888-7200 Xamax industries, Inc. is an ISO-compliant material and converting company located in Seymour, CT. Founded in 1949, the c…