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Devices and methods for treating accidental bowel leakage

Published March 20, 2014
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US Patent No.: 8,591,488 B2
Inventor(s): Thomas Blasius Brezoczky, Los Gatos, CA, US; Karl Patrick Ronn, Palo Alto, CA, US; Kelly Lewis Brezoczky, Los Gatos, CA, US; Elizabeth Hodge Ronn, Palo Alto, CA, US; and Steven B. Gold, Longboat Key, FL,US
Company: Butterfly Health, Inc., Los Gatos, CA, US
Filed: 1/30/13
Issued: 11/26/13

A method for treating fecal incontinence comprising: placing a body liner at least partially within the intergluteal cleft, the body liner having a longitudinal axis, a body-facing surface and a rear surface opposite the body-facing surface, wherein the body liner comprises at least one adhesive region on the body-facing surface of the body liner, and wherein the body liner is formed from a plurality of liner layers including a top sheet, a back sheet, and a core member, wherein each of the plurality of liner layers is liquid absorbent, and wherein placing the body liner at least partially within the intergluteal cleft places the body-facing surface into contact with skin of the intergluteal cleft and comprises folding the body liner along the longitudinal axis, wherein the core member is positioned between the top sheet and the back sheet, and wherein the top sheet has a shape comprising a first lobe on a first side of the longitudinal axis and a second lobe on a second side of the longitudinal axis.