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Published March 20, 2014
US Patent No.: 8,614,365 B2 Inventor(s): John Lee Hammons, Hamilton, OH, US; Sybille Fuchs, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Jody Lynn Hoying, Mainville, OH, US; Timothy Ian Mullane, Union, KY, US; Casandre Maffett Walsh, Cincinnati, OH, US; Donna Marie C… Read More »
Cotton topsheet developed for diapers
By Karen McIntyre, senior editor
Published January 23, 2014
The world is one step closer to seeing a diaper with a cotton component. Cotton maker TJ Beall and Huntsman Textile Effects have developed a diaper topsheet made from hydroentangled apertured spunlaced nonwoven material. The substrate, featuring… Read More »
Published January 6, 2014
US Patent No.: 8,574,209 B2 Inventor(s): Kazuya Nishitani, Kanonji, Taiwan; and Minako Sagisaka, Kanonji, Taiwan. Company: Unicharm Corporation, Ehime, Japan. Filed: 4/8/09 Issued: 11/5/13 An absorbent article comprising a liquid-permeable top sheet… Read More »
Published January 6, 2014
US Patent No.: 8,575,418 B2 Inventor(s): Inge Gabrielii, Västra Frölunda, Sweden; and Anna Nihlstrand, Mölndal, Sweden. Company: SCA Hygiene Products AB, Gothenburg, Sweden. Filed: 12/21/07 Issued: 11/5/13 An absorbent article, said a… Read More »
Published August 7, 2013
U.S. Patent No.: 8,262,634 B1 Inventor(s): Brian Francis Gray, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.; Kiyoe Ohba, Fukuoka Fukuoka, Japan; Ryo Minoguchi, Cincinnati, OH, U.S.; and Kaoru Niihara, Kobe Hyogo, Japan. Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati,… Read More »
Published February 7, 2013
U.S. Patent No.: 8,221,373 B2  Inventor(s): Masahiko Fujishiro, Tokyo, Japan; and Hidekazu Okuno, Tokyo, Japan. Company: Pigeon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Filed: 10/24/06 Issued: 7/17/12 Description A breast pad, comprising: a back sheet co… Read More »
Published November 16, 2012
A disposable diaper has been patented comprising: a topsheet; a backsheet; a front waist region extending between and to transversely opposite side edges of the disposable diaper; a rear waist region extending between and to the transversely opposite… Read More »
Published February 11, 2003
A liquid-pervious composite plastic topsheet for a disposable absorbent article has been patented. The topsheet comprises a first plastic film layer defining an upper surface of the composite plastic topsheet, a second plastic film layer defining a l… Read More »
Published June 8, 1920
Patented recently is a sanitary napkin comprising a topsheet having a body-facing side and comprising a plurality of discrete tufts of fibrous material. The topsheet has a lotion composition applied to at least a portion of the body-facing side there… Read More »
China’s Nonwovens Industry Takes Center Stage at SINCE 2013
By Tim Wright , editor
Published October 23, 2013
Exhibitors in Shanghai offer innovative solutions to the nonwovens industry. Read More »