Absorptive article including waistline stretching regions

January 6, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,574,212 B2
Inventor(s): Tomomi Oku, Kagawa, Japan; and Satoru Sakaguchi, Kagawa, Japan.
Company: Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime-Ken, Japan.
Filed: 2/17/09
Issued: 11/5/13

An absorptive article having a dorsal side and a ventral side, the absorptive article comprising: a dorsal side region, a crotch region, and a ventral side region sequentially provided along a longitudinal direction from the dorsal side toward the ventral side; an absorbent body including a liquid permeable top sheet, a liquid impermeable back sheet, and an absorber located between the top sheet and the back sheet for absorbing fluid, said absorbent body further including a pair of side edge portions extending in the longitudinal direction; a pair of side flap portions formed on both sides of the absorbent body in a width direction transverse to the longitudinal direction, in a vicinity of the corresponding side edge portions of the absorbent body; and a pair of waist flap portions formed in the dorsal side region and outwardly extending from the pair of side flap portions in the width direction, respectively, wherein each of the pair of waist flap portions includes a waistline stretching region; and a ventral side edge and a dorsal side edge opposite to the ventral side edge in the longitudinal direction, the waist flap portions are stretchable in the width direction only in the waistline stretching regions, regions of the waist flap portions outside the waistline stretching regions are not stretchable in the width direction, a width of the ventral side edge in the waistline stretching region is larger than a width of the dorsal side edge in the waistline stretching region, when the absorptive article is stretched in the width direction, each of the waistline stretching regions extends to the ventral side edge of the corresponding waist flap portion, and each of the waistline stretching regions does not extend to the dorsal side edge of the corresponding waist flap portion.

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