October 9, 2013

US Patent No.: 8,283,516 B2
Inventor(s): John D. Litvay, Al Hamra Free Zone, United Arab Emirates.
Filed: 4/1/09
Issued: 10/9/12

An absorbent product comprising: a. a liquid permeable top sheet; b. an absorbent core comprising: i. synthetic fibers; ii. super absorbent particulate having a centrifuge retention capacity (CRC) within the range of from about 29 to about 41; and c. a back sheet wherein the absorbent core has a dryness index in the range of between about 0 to about 50 gm/180 min, and wherein the dryness index is determined by first measuring the rewet values of an absorbent garment at various time intervals, in which the rewet values are measured for 3 insults of 50 mls each of 1.0% saline solution, each insult producing a rewet curve, and the area under each curve is determined by integrating the curve to measure the rewet, and then calculating the dryness index as the sum of the areas of the three curves.

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