Body Adhering Absorbent Article

June 14, 2013

An absorbent article for attachment to a wearer’s skin in the vulva region of the wearer’s torso, said article comprising: a shell having a first side and a second side, the first side having a first area and a second area, wherein the first area surrounds a majority of the second area, and wherein the first side is adapted to be the body facing side of the absorbent article and the second side is adapted to be the garment facing side of the absorbent article wherein the shell comprises a laminate of a woven or a nonwoven web with a sheet of a silicone polymer; and an absorbent structure attached to the first side and located entirely within the second area of the shell, the absorbent structure comprising an absorbent material; wherein when applied to the wearer the first area of the shell is configured to contact the wearer’s skin surrounding the vulva region and the shell is sized and shaped such that the first area is configured to only contact the skin of the wearer proximate to the vulva region; and wherein the first area of the shell comprises the sheet of silicone polymer having adhesive properties, wherein the adhesive properties are adapted to attach directly to the wearer’s vulva region.