Disposable Diaper Having Folded Front-Sided End Flap Portion

January 7, 2013

U.S. Patent No: 8,221,372 B2 

Inventor(s): Shinichi Kouno, Shikokuchuo, Japan; Tsuyoshi Utsunomiya, Shikokuchuo, Japan; Sadanao Manabe, Shikokuchuo, Japan; Toshikazu Maeda, Shikokuchuo, Japan; Yumiko Seike, Shikokuchuo, Japan; and Miyuke Ochi, Shikokuchuo, Japan.

Company: Daio Paper Corporation, Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime, Japan.

Issued: 7/17/12

A disposable diaper comprising: an absorbing member; a liquid-permeable top sheet covering the surface side of said absorbing member; a leakage-preventing sheet covering the backside of said absorbing member; an outer-face back sheet made of a nonwoven fabric and disposed on the outer face side of said leakage-preventing sheet; and mechanical joining type fastening tapes disposed on the two side portions of the back side of the diaper, wherein said fastening tapes are brought, when the diaper is worn, into direct engagement with the surface of said outer-face back sheet, and further comprising a front-side end flap portion and a back-side end flap portion having no absorbing member, respectively, at the front and back end portions in the longitudinal direction of the diaper; wherein at least said front-side end flap portion is formed over at least a length range of 5% or more of the diaper product in the longitudinal direction from the diaper end edge; wherein said front-side end flap portion has no elastically extendible member arranged, but the aforementioned leakage-preventing sheet extends slightly to the outer-side from the front-side end edge of the absorbing member and is joined to the aforementioned liquid permeable top sheet; wherein the aforementioned front-side end flap is substantially composed of a liquid-permeable top sheet and the outer-face back sheet so that said front-side end flap portion can be longitudinally folded at an arbitrary position; wherein the front-side end flap, along an entire waist length of the front-side end flap, has a thickness, defined only by the thickness of the liquid-permeable top sheet and the outer-face back sheet at a portion distal to a distal fold of the front-side end flap; wherein said front-side end flap portion is provided on its outer-face side with a folding position guide indication.             

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