Disposable Absorbent Article

December 4, 2012

U.S. Patent No.: 8,216,206 B2 

Inventor(s): Masaru Fujioka, Tsurugi-cho, Japan; and Keiichi Ishikawa, Tsurugi-cho, Japan.

Company: Livedo Corporation, Shikokuchuo-shi, Japan.

Issued: 7/10/12

A disposable absorbent article comprising: an absorbent body including a top sheet, a back sheet and an absorbent core disposed between the top sheet and the back sheet, and having a longitudinal direction and a width direction; and a flap provided along an edge of opposite sides in the width direction of the absorbent core; wherein the flap has a fixing part joined to the top sheet and a rising part extending upward from the fixing part.  

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