Extrusion Bonded Laminates for Absorbent Articles

October 8, 2012

Receiving a U.S. patent is an absorbent article comprising:  a topsheet; an outer cover; an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and outer cover. The outer cover comprises an extrusion bonded laminate, the extrusion bonded laminate comprising:
- a multi-layer coextruded elastomeric film with a core layer, a first outer layer, and a second outer layer, wherein the core layer is between the first and second outer layers;
- a nonwoven consisting of fibers and/or filaments;
The first outer layer is non-adhesively joined to the nonwoven via extrusion coating, such that the first outer layer is a tie layer between the core layer and the nonwoven. The second outer layer is non-adhesively joined to the core layer, such that the second outer layer is a skin layer; wherein the first and second outer layers comprise polyolefin elastomers (POEs) and the first and second outer layers comprise a blend of two ethylene-rich copolymers. Ethylene is between 10% and 97%;  wherein the first outer layer and the second outer layer have the same composition; wherein the extrusion bonded laminate is mechanically activated using intermeshing gears; wherein the outer cover is elastic at 50% engineering strain and is substantially free from pinholes; wherein the nonwoven has a high chemical affinity for the first outer layer; wherein the first outer layer has a low chemical affinity for the core layer; wherein the multi-layer coextruded elastomeric film has a basis weight from 1 gsm to 25 gsm; and wherein the laminate bond strength is from 1 N/cm to 3.5 N/cm.

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