IDEA 2010 Preview

March 18, 2010

A look at what exhibitors plan to bring to the year's largest nonwovens show

A. Celli Nonwovens

A. Celli Nonwovens S.p.A., a designer and manufacturer of customized winders and slitter-rewinders, will be presenting its downstream solution for roll handling and packaging known as Slittopack. Completely modular in design, Slittopack is designed around the individual needs of the production line. Over 20 systems have been sold since its commercial launch in 2007. These ranged from fully automated for top performing nonwovens lines to basic configurations for less demanding lines.

A. Celli has sold more than 400 winding machines to serve nonwovens production lines around the world for different fabrics including spunbond, SMS, meltblown, spunlace, air-
through-bonded and airlaid.  The company will feature its winding and slitting solutions for the production of hygiene, medical and industrial applications. Members from the A. Celli team will be available to discuss the advances made in in-house developed and patented technology to complement its winding and slitting machinery such as the new series of automated core and shaft handling equipment Corematic2 and its latest automatic knives positioning system Slittomatic2.

 In addition to its vast array of winders, slitter-rewinders and unwind stands, A. Celli Nonwovens will present Wingformer, its airlaid forming technology.

Ahlstrom is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of high performance nonwovens and specialty papers. Ahlstrom's products are used in a large variety of applications, such as filters, wipes, flooring, labels and tapes. Ahlstrom will present its innovative portfolio of nonwovens and filtration media for a wide range of market applications, with a special focus on sustainable materials and technologies. Sustainability is an underlying driver of many recent Ahlstrom developments.

      Ahlstrom will highlight its expanded range of sustainable wiping fabrics. The range of Ahlstrom wiping fabrics is backed by a versatile global manufacturing platform spanning through all carded, wetlaid and composite technologies.  Within each of these technologies, Ahlstrom continues to develop innovative wiping fabrics that contain natural, renewable or recycled components that are biodegradable or dispersible or that can be reused several times. These developments include the Ahlstrom patented Hydraspun dispersible wipes, fully compliant with INDA and EDANA’s flushability guidelines.

   Ahlstrom will also tout its wide range of filtration media as well as its single use medical fabrics and its food and beverage nonwovens.

Barnhardt Manufacturing

Barnhardt is planning to exhibit roll goods containing higher percentages of bleached and purified cotton than are currently available in the U.S. market. Thse percentages are up to and including 100% cotton for baby wipes and for household wipes. These samples will include spunlace, thermal bond and needlepunch fabrics at varying weights.  
Beijing Dayuan and Dong Fang Dayuan Nonwoven

Beijing Dayuan and Dong Fang Dayuan Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, are major roll goods manufacturers in China located in the western suburbs of Beijing.  Beijing Dayuan has a sales office in Houston, TX to serve international customers.
Beijing Dayuan owns a complete spunlace production line imported from Europe. Production capacity reaches 8000 tons per year.  The company is expanding its annual spunlace capacity to 10,000 tons.  Applications include wipes and medical items.
The company is one of the largest Chinese thermal bond and air-through nonwovens manufacturers with four air-through lines and one European thermal bond line, with a total annual capacity of 12,000 tons. The company is adding a new air-through line of 3000 tons per year to increase its total annual capacity to 15,000 tons by 2010. The company’s thermal bonded products used in baby diapers, sanitary napkins and pantiliners.

Beta LaserMike

At IDEA 2010, Beta LaserMike will be showing the LaserSpeed 9000 Non-Contact Speed and Length Measurement Gauge. The LaserSpeed 9000 uses a proven technology called Laser Doppler Velocimetry to accurately measure the speed and length of any moving product or surface to an accuracy of  plus or minus 0.05% or better. This accuracy combined with the benefits of bi-directional measurement, no slippage, no marking of the product. Permanent calibration makes the LaserSpeed 9000 the best tool for speed and length measurement, according to the company.

If bi-directional measurement is not required, Beta LaserMike also offers the LaserSpeed 4000, which offers the same benefits as the LaserSpeed 9000, without the bi-directional measurement capability.

  The LaserSpeed series of measurement gauges was designed to be drop-in replacements for
any type of mechanical tachometers. The LaserSpeed gauges have proven to provide a typical return on investment of less than two months. Savings are achieved through increased accuracy, reduced scrap, less product give-away, reduction of charge backs from short rolls or lengths and reduced maintenance/calibration costs.

 The applications for the LaserSpeed gauges are anywhere there is a need to measure speed and length. Some examples of past applications are nonwoven products, building materials, textiles, paper, labels and packaging.

Bicma Hygiene Technologie

Based in Germany, Bicma Hygiene Technologie is a machine builder with 15 years of experience in the hygiene market. The company supplies a full range of machines, size kits and upgrades for manufacturing feminine care products, light incontinence products, adult and baby diapers, underpads, meat pads, nursing pads and similar products.

At IDEA, Bicma will tout a new machine and equipment generations capable of running up to 500 – 600 meters per minute; complete baby diaper machines with the flexibility to run classical products or products with T-shapes or contoured ears; upgrades for adult and baby diaper lines such as ears, belts, in-line manufacturing of elasticated materials, ultrathin high density cores (HDC); upgrades for light inco machines to change from elastic threads to short-cut foam elastic and flexographic printing on airlaid acquisition layers for feminine care products.

Buhler Aeroglide

Buhler Aeroglide provides equipment for through-air drying (TAD), thermal bonding, heat setting,
curing and finishing for the nonwovens industry. Applications include spunlace-hydroentangled, airlaid, wetlaid, spunbond (SMS composites), coated and foam-impregnated webs. Having a worldwide presence has been critical to successfully supporting customers at its facilities. Permanent sales and service offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific provide a base for this unmatched service and responsiveness supported by manufacturing, engineering and headquarters in the U.S.  Aeroglide joined the Buhler Group in 2008.

With more than 150 drum installations since the 1970s, the National Drying brand of Aeroglide Corporation have some of the highest evaporation rates in the industry and have set a new standard in efficient thermal bonding, heat setting and drying of all types of nonwovens and fibers. Multiple drum driers are ideal for applications requiring high line speed, extended dwell time and in-line temperature profiling for drying, thermal bonding or cooling. Single drum drier designs feature high evaporation rates for short dwell times, high speed, delicate web or single sided contact applications. Drums are either standard perforation for a wide variety of applications or are reinforced structurally for high vacuum, high speed applications.
Buhler Aeroglide has the capability to offer alternative equipment such as single and multi-pass flat bed through-air driers (TAD) for highloft and loose web nonwoven applications that require gentle through-flow processing and support throughout the heating processes.

Celanese Emulsion Polymers

Celanese Emulsion Polymers is a global leader in emulsion technology offering world-class product lines, sophisticated technical solutions and a commitment to excellence in the nonwovens industry. Celanese Emulsions has the expertise in vinyl-based chemistry to be a valuable innovation partner for disposable and durable nonwovens applications. From innovation in its R&D facility to industry expertise in its technical service team, Celanese Emulsion Polymers will be on hand to  help companies meet tomorrow’s challenges and capitalize on business opportunities.

Celanese Emulsion Polymers markets, manufacturers and delivers timely solutions to customers in each of the major regions of the world to fulfill global requirements. In its efforts on behalf of the nonwovens and paper saturation industry, the company is supported by the global Celanese organization. Celanese is a global, hybrid chemical company making products essential to everyday living. Its products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia.


Established in 1992, Pescara, Italy-based Diatec designs and builds a complete range of disposable sanitary products converting machineries and retrofit kits for the production of baby diapers, adult incontinence products, sanitary napkins, panty shields and underpads.
Diatec has designed and installed and is servicing more than 80 complete lines and more than 150 retrofit kits worldwide.

 At the end of 2008, Diatec completed tests of MACH500 EE Baby Diapers and MACH250 Adult, fully designed and built in Italy, and extended the warranty on its products to three years. Diatec machines are characterized by a high automation level, with full-servo technology and high performances in terms of O.E.E. and waste values. Every design is made in the direction of a compact layout, at the same time keeping wide spaces for easy maintenance actions and future extensions.

At IDEA, Diatec will introduce its newest model, MODUS. Diatec will promote its baby diaper machine MACH E2 Baby. The line is provided with the new high performances core forming module capable of achieving high S.A.P./fluff ratio (60/40) and designed to produce T-shaped or I-shaped diapers, with zero or low waste, asymmetrical or symmetrical, back and front ears application.

  Diatec’s adult diaper machine MACH Adult is capable of producing underpads and adult diapers with a very simple size change and was developed to be integrated with a set of kits to produce T-shaped or I-shaped adult diapers.

Diatec is also showcasing a wide set of accessory units and  services: High performance core forming modules CF and CF-H. They are designed to produce top quality ultrathin cores, with high ratios of superabsorbent material versus fluff (up to 60/40), optimal pad integrity, extreme stability and consistent saving on cellulose.


Dilo is a builder and supplier of complete nonwoven lines for staple fibre products. Recent machine concepts from Dilo Group companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines will be promoted at IDEA with an emphasis on new equipment components to improve web quality and uniformity applicable to all bonding processes.

DiloTemafa has introduced the DON dosing opener as a link between the opening/blending operation and card feeder.

 DiloSpinnbau now has the MultiFeed card feeder in widths which can exceed five meters. This unit is equipped with a twin fiber delivery system in the upper chamber which provides further fiber mixing.  A two roll opening stage allows fiber into the lower chamber with further separation and subsequent mixing by mechanical means and air movement derived from the permeable delivery apron.


Fi-Tech is the leading manufacturers’ representative serving nonwovens equipment and component manufacturers. Having served the nonwovens industry since 1983, Fi-Tech offers the nonwoven roll good producer a complete line of equipment and components to produce high quality nonwovens and to keep their plants in top working order. Joining Fi-Tech at IDEA is Enka Technica and Schill & Seilacher. In late 2009, Fi-Tech together with Enka’s managing director, Uwe Gaedike, completed a buy-out of Enka Technica from Oerlikon Textile Components. Now operating as an independent company, Enka Technica is a worldwide leading manufacturer of spinnerets, meltblown die tips and hydroentangling jets strips. Schill & Seilacher continues to lead the industry in developing high performance surfactants for hygiene nonwoven producers. Fi-Tech will offer information about both of these featured companies as well as its other principals including Hastem for transport aprons, Idrosistem for spunlace water filtration systems, Temco for high speed web guiding rollers and Sikoplast for nonwovens recycling technology.

Freudenberg Nonwovens

Freudenberg Nonwovens, the world’s leading nonwovens producer be exhibit a wide range of nonwoven products and technologies at IDEA 2010.
Lutradur Eco will be highlighted as Freudenberg’s eco-friendly product line. Lutradur Eco is a spunlaid nonwoven bridging the gap between recycling and performance. It is made of 100% post consumer recycled PET and delivers the same high quality characteristics as standard Lutradur materials produced with virgin raw materials.  This product can be used in a variety of applications, such as carpet backing, geotextiles, building and construction, coating substrates and many others.”

The Innovation and Technology area will include Freudenberg’s Evolon, a unique microfilament fabric.  When this material is combined with Omnova Solutions’  Ecore Advanced Wall Technology, the end result is a non-PVC wall covering used to decorate and protect commercial wall surfaces. Evolon will also be represented through other applications such as high-tech wiping and printing substrates. In particular, the booth design will showcase Evolon as an impressive decorative material.

 In the automotive area, Freudenberg will show both its heavy, mid and lightweight Lutradur products.  Freudenberg is the market leader in supplying Lutradur substrates for tufted automotive full floor carpet applications and now offers higher recycle content substrates for tufted carpet throw-in-mats (TIMs). As the automotive industry continues to move towards lightweight acoustic systems, Freudenberg’s Evolon product, with a variety of add-on treatments available, is rapidly gaining attention amongst the Tier1 and OEM community.  Freudenberg is expanding production capabilities to introduce value-added solutions for many new automotive applications.

In the industrial area, Freudenberg will introduce a new range of Viledon semi-conductive water-blocking tapes for cable applications.  Industrial products highlighted will also include Viledon surfacing veils and core materials for the Fiber Reinforced Plastics Industry, and Viledon  Battery Separator nonwovens for advanced battery technologies. In addition, Freudenberg will show new Adsorptive products which are special performance materials with an active carbon finishing treatment to adsorb detrimental agents and toxins to stop unpleasant odors. Finally, the Industrial segment will include Celestia FR mattress components and Soundtex acoustical nonwoven, a leader in sound absorption in the building industry.


GDM designs and manufactures hygiene disposable high performance production lines for baby diapers, training pants, sanitary napkins, panty shields, underpads, adult and light-inco products. GDM will introduce the new GIS (Global Investment Solution) for hygiene disposable markets. GIS is an interactive system that assists producers in their manufacturing processes to improve their business profitability through real time communication between producer and machine suppliers.  This new solution is based on the following features:

• CPS (Capital Protection System); payment scheme customized; margin sharing; market risk sharing; reduction of networking capital; global support from OEM side; continuous effective production; focus and updating on product features and quality; and machine upgrade packages.
• IPL (Interactive Platform Line): Machines for baby, lady or adult products with the following features: extensive servo drive transmission; LPP (Line, Process and Product) local and remote monitoring; easy and fast size change; self diagnostic features; integration with in-line wrapper for single packing; an exhaustive list of options are available upon request.
• APS (Asset Protection Service): local assistance; spares management; preventive maintenance; efficiency enhancing program; periodical survey; software updating; real time/remote machine inspection

General Nonwovens

General Nonwovens is a producer of polyester and polypropylene  spunbond nonwoven roll goods. General Nonwovens began production in 2004 and currently boasts an annual capacity of 12,000 tons of nonwovens.

General Nonwovens produces spunbond nonwovens from 12  to 200 gsm up to 330 centimeters wide. General Nonwovens’ brands include HyGen for hygiene and personal care products, MediGen for medical and surgical media, FilterGen for filtration products, TexGen for coated and laminated fabrics as well as home textiles, AutoGen for the automotive industry, AgriGen for agriculture and horticulture applications and IndiGen for industrial and technical textiles.
General Nonwovens’ technology and spinning process has state-of-the-art downstream equipment. The multi-beam line includes sophisticated process controls and versatile fabric finishing capabilities, where fabric characteristics and performance can be optimized to specific needs.        

The fine denier filaments are an important factor that affects the nonwoven properties. General Nonwovens is capable of producing fabrics from subdenier microfilaments to high denier course filaments. The low denier filaments produce more surface area and more length per unit weight, reduce light transmission and improve light dispersion (greater opacity) and softness due to lower unit fiber deflection forces. Subdenier spunbond fabrics are a great value to markets where soft touch, breathability, liquid barrier and more efficient air permeability is required.

General Nonwovens is a leading manufacturer of lightweight polyester nonwovens.  Unique fiber spinning and a uniform lay-down system allows its customers to substitute fabrics with lower basis weight products expecting the same or better performance. Properties such as hydrophilicity, ultraviolet stabilization, flame retardancy, anti-static and anti-bacterial can further enhance the nonwoven fabrics.

General Nonwovens is certified under ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Georgia Pacific Corporation Nonwovens

Georgia Pacific Corporation Nonwovens supplies airlaid roll good substrates to various category applications in the nonwovens industry including medical, wet wipe, dry wiper, tabletop and agriculture. The company’s roll goods business including ma­­nu­facturing, technical QA, R/D and sales marketing are in Green Bay, WI. G-P provides high quality airlaid substrate of many basis weights as well as emboss options. The company will have hand samples and packets of the various grades, colors and emboss patterns that it offers.

Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional machines including adult diaper, baby diaper and sanitary napkin lines. More than 85% mechanical parts are processed under strict quality control.  With 300 employees, Hanwei makes five sets of machines per month and about 65% of the output is for overseas.

Healthy Machinery Co.

Healthy Machinery Co., Taipei, Taiwan, established in 1989, initially manufactured automated machines and then moved to produce nonwoven fabric products machinery.  
Healthy Machinery Co. is using polypropylene spunbond fabric as raw material and an ultrasonic unit to produce disposable products, including face masks, bouffant caps, surgeon caps, shoe covers, boot covers, headrest covers, pillowcases, handbags, pocket filters and underpads.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH

Kelheim Fibres GmbH is a producer of viscose specialty fibers and will showcase a wide range of highlights at this year’s IDEA show in Miami, FL. In addition to the well-known brands Danufil, Galaxy and Viloft, Kelheim presents a number of fibers with new and distinctive properties.
Extremely high absorbency is the shared characteristic of the new fibers Verdi, Bramante, Dante and Bellini. The company offers various special effects such as excellent dispersability in water, a gel effect on the fiber surface or outstanding self-bonding properties. As a result, these new fibers are ideally suited for many potential applications—from medical and hygiene products to filters and specialty papers. Coagulating wound dressings, absorbent blotting papers or extra tear resistant banknotes and tea bags are just a few of numerous products, which derive their typical properties from Kelheim’s viscose specialties.

Along with the new extra-absorbent fibers, Kelheim Fibres will introduce further innovations:
Deep-Dye is a chemically modified viscose specialty fiber with up to 40 times higher dye absorption capacity than a standard viscose fiber. Originally developed to optimize the dyeing process of viscose textile products, this fiber also offers interesting properties for non-textile end uses: These highly specialized viscose fibers are processed to make papers and nonwovens which can easily be converted to any form required—and therefore can be used, for example, in filtration cartridges for the discoloration of the waste water of dyeing factories.
With the equally new specialty fiber Poseidon, Kelheim Fibres will launch a viscose fiber with ion exchange properties.

Kelheim supplies short cut from 0.75dtex to 9dtex with cut lengths from 4mm to12mm and is therefore able to fulfill the needs of very different customers and very different production processes. Different fiber cross sections, a wide range of fiber properties and dry short cut for the airlaid industry broaden Kelheim’s range of products even more.

Lenzing Group

The Lenzing Group is a leader in cellulose based fiber supply with a global presence in the nonwovens market and production sites in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
At IDEA, Lenzing will feature Lenzing Viscose and Tencel, which are produced from wood. This makes them the ideal choice for numerous demanding applications in sensitive areas. More than 70 years of experience in manufacturing viscose fibers set the international processing quality standard. Lenzing Viscose provides the purity, skin friendly, breathable properties important for hygiene and other sensitive applications.

Tencel provides a combination of performance, purity and softness. The high performance fiber combines strength —especially in the wet state—and low linting with natural absorbency. The Tencel production process minimizes emissions to the environment and conserves the Earth’s resources because the solvent is almost completely recovered.
Lenzing fibers are used in many products such as wipes, medical applications, tampons or technical nonwovens.


Lubrizol is a global producer of high-performance polymers and custom-formulated compounds  for nonwovens, including environmentally-friendly and formaldehyde-free formulations. The company’s products meet regulations and customer requirements in the bedding, building, digital print, filtration, medical and transportation industries, according to the company.

National Jet Company

National Jet Company is a U.S. manufacturer of spinnerettes and die tips used by nonwovens producers around the world. At IDEA 2010, the company will be showcasing meltblown dies and spinnerettes.  National Jet Company repairs and refurbishes used dies at its facility in Maryland. The firm will show some examples of its repairs, including some magnified before and after photos which will highlight its capabilities for the repair of these precision dies.
Optima Group

The Optima Group, founded in 1922 offers filling and packaging machine solutions. Optima Group Nonwovens specializes in packaging of paper hygiene products.  The company is involved in the following sectors: home, infant and personal care and end-of-line automation. Optima Group Nonwovens’ Optima, Amotek and Sierem brands offer packaging lines and machines from start-up machines to market-leading high-speed systems. Optima will tout its stackers and special machinery such as packaging of wet wipes. This allows customers to benefit from globally consistent packaging processes, designed and delivered by a one-stop supplier.

 Optima will unveil Optima HS stacker with pad streamer, which is equally suitable for thin, thick, small and large feminine hygiene products.  The company also offers OPTIMA OS cost savings of packaging paper towels by use of a foil bag, ensuring a 33% more product within the package.

Palas GmbH

Palas will be at IDEA discussing its filter test rig MFP 1000 HEPA.  Palas is a market leader in building different test systems for filter media, filters and inertial separators—from coarse separators up to ULPA qualities.

Applications include car interior filters, air intake filters, tank breathers, oil mist separators, diesel particulate filters, compressed air filters, air filters, HEPA and ULPA filter media, vacuum cleaner filters, protective clothing, inhalation protection, wire-cloth and coalescence separators.
The modular setup of the Palas filter test systems allows the use of aerosoltechnical components easily and quickly for other measurements.

Paper Converting Machine Company

Green Bay, WI based PCMC Nonwovens Team has a portfolio of new performance solutions for wipes manufacturing. PCMC has added new technology solutions for converting nonwovens wipes.  

PCMC introduced Marlin wet wipes cross folder in November 2009.  The hygienic design features
of this machine include vacuum-less web handling for superior control, Rockwell controls, excellent stack formation, operator friendly footprint and high output.

Mako high speed rotary saw is designed for the next generation cutting of wipes.  Wipes will be cut at speeds of 500 cuts per minute with a two-bladed servo driven head and drum. PCMC has been a leading designer and patented innovator of rotary saw cutting technology for decades, including saws with speeds over 500 cuts per minute.  Mako is designed to work primarily with the PCMC Clipper series of wipes converting machines to improve output.
PCMC offers stacking of 125 packs per minute for single stacker.  With dual stacker configuration, output increases to 250 packs per minute.
PCMC is also showing its new AV1500 or AV2000 model meter wide auto splicing unwind for nonwovens converting.  


Rando is introducing a new modular Feeder with a bolt-together frame, which replaces the older style welded construction. This new design has significant changes and upgrades. It is easier to maintain and allows the customer to replace or repair damaged or worn components with efficiency and ease, according to the company. The addition of skid plate guides prevent fiber buildup at the Feedroll and Lickerin. The design features a new style undercarriage with four driven knurled rolls for a more positive drive of the fiber and larger dual independent vacuum fans with AC variable speed motors that replace smaller, older fixed-speed fans with dampers for air control. The design also incorporates more aerodynamic fans and hoods on the Feeder to provide more uniform airflow as well as independent, direct drive AC variable speed gear motors on each of the Rando has over 60 years of experience building machinery.

Santex Group

Santex Nonwoven and Cavitec are brands owned by Santex Group, a group of companies headquartered in Switzerland with manufacturing sites there as well as in China.
Its product range features several machines and lines, mostly in the fields of dry textile finishing and of coating and laminating of technical textiles, which are sold under the brand names: Santex, Cavitec, Sperotto Rimar and Santex Nonwoven.

Santex Nonwoven specializes in thermo bonding and drying systems for the nonwoven industry. The applications are very varied and go from automobile equipment over mattresses up to isolation material crosswise through all typical areas of the nonwoven industry.

Shanghai Expansion Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd

Shanghai Expansion Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing airlaid production line. Established in 1997, the company has four lines in China.  
EPS provides market consultancy, technology development, engineering design, machinery, manufacturing, project implementation and customer technical services, comprehensive and professional turnkey project service and customer operations services. EPS is featuring ZGJ Airlaid production line with high performance and low consumption with the width of 800~3200mm and speed of 40~300m/minute.
The line offers airlaid production of thermal bonded, latex bonded, multi bonded, and hydrogen bonded.

All known airlaid technologies and processes are available including embossing, multilayer structures, online-nonwoven, multiple materials composite, superabsorbent addition with powder or granule productions and new process developing.

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery

Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. Shanghai Zhilian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for disposable sanitary products including baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, panty liners, under pads, insert pads, maternity napkins, hemostasia pads and material lamination. Located in Qingpu Tunbei Industrial Zone of Shanghai, the company has over 30 brand new processing machines including CNC, planer milling machine, etc. equipped to ensure the components precision and the quality of equipment. experienced  sable apron, shoe cover and duster cloth).


Brazil-based Softfilm produces polyethylene film for baby diapers and sanitary napkins. Softfilm is presenting its stretch film and its experience in coextrusion films and flex packaging. Softfilm is a new company of the Zaraplast Group.


Technoplants is an Italian manufacturer of a wide range of terminal equipment. The company is introducing a completely new range of three-dimensional nonwoven products called FIBERfoam and FIBERwave.

FIBERfoam is a new, patented technology for the production of voluminous, three-dimensional nonwovens. The FIBERfoam production process is based on the following steps: Shaping a multitude of fiber balls (made of natural as well as synthetic fibers) and mixing them with BICO fiber; creating a continuous batt by feeding these fiber balls onto a weigh cell conveyor; calibrating the mattress of fiber balls and thermobonding it.

Because the continuous thermobonded batt is composed of fiber spheres, FIBERfoam has an all-round (360 degree°) material resilience. Applications include replacement of PU foam in a
wide range of applications; sound absorbing, sound and heat insulating panels, wadding for clothing, upholstery and other technical applications and filters for HVAC systems and technical-industrial applications.


Texel is one of the North America’s leading manufacturers of needlepunched nonwoven fabrics for technical use. The structure of Texel rests on its seven distinct and independently managed platforms, defined by the essence of their production: wipes, medical, sportswear, industrial products, geotextiles, agrotextiles and filtration.

To remain a major player in the specialized nonwoven fabrics market, Texel plans to position itself as the number one recognized specialist in the manufacture of innovative needlepunch nonwovens. In the coming years, Texel aims to increase the manufacturing capacity of value-added proprietary products and to add new finishing lines in order to continue building trust with its clients as their supplier of choice. Through its niche products, Texel will meet the consumer’s next generation needs.


Texol is an innovative manufacturer of apertured films and materials for the hygiene and medical industry. The company has installed a new line thanks to its proprietary technology for three dimensional vacuum and mechanical perforation. The new line has added a yearly capacity of over 72 million square meters of film, more than 20% of which is already booked by its customers.

At IDEA 2010 Texol will feature its 3D Embossed nonwoven for new born and mini baby diaper sizes, new double apertured extreme poly film version, ventilated elastic film, new apertured poly film and nonwoven soft laminate.