Single sided stretch bonded laminates and methods of making the same

November 1, 2011

An elastic single-sided stretch laminate has been patented. The laminate comprises an elastic layer with an array of continuous filament strands with an elastic meltblown layer deposited on them. This elastic meltlbown layer comprises an elastic polyolefin-based meltblown polymer with a degree of crysallinity between 3-40%. The polyolefin-based meltblown polymer comprises at least one of the group consisting of ethylene methacrylate, polyisobutylene and butyl acrylate. The laminate also has a facing layer bonded to one side of the elastic layer. The laminate has an inter layer peel strength of less than 70 grams per three inches cross directional width at a strain rate of 300 mm/min and eliminates roll blocking.

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