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Thermoplastic Resin-laminated Structure, Method For Preparation and Use Thereof

Published January 20, 2009
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A recyclable thermoplastic resin-laminated structure for interior automotive trim was patented. It includes an exterior layer with a thickness of less than 50 mm, a base layer and a binding layer placed between the exterior layer and the base layer. It also includes at least one material selected from a group consisting of electric resistance-heat generating materials and heat-conductive materials. The binding layer has a thickness of less than half of the thickness of the exterior layer and has at least one connection terminal at a certain region for supplying at least one of electricity and heat. The binding layer is formed with one material selected from a group consisting of metal mesh or metal plate. A film is formed by coating on at least one side of a polymer resin film at least one of an electric resistance-heat generating material and a heat-conductive material having a weight 0.5% to 80% of the weight of the polymer resin film and combinations thereof. The exterior layer and the base layer can be separated easily by melting the inner surfaces with heat generated from the binding layer.