Embossed, Cross-Laminated Film

March 4, 2008

Patented is a moisture resistant film for covering an architectural structure. It comprises a flexible membrane that makes up a plane and is formed as a multi-layer lamination with a first oriented plastic layer and a second oriented plastic layer. The orientations of the plastic layers cross at an angle between but not equal to 0° and 180° relative to one another. A first plurality of spaced apart, discrete embossings formed in the membrane extend outwardly from the plane. The embossings form rows in an x-direction and in columns in a y-direction. The rows are spaced from one another and the columns are spaced from one another. The rows and columns are non-rectilinear and the rows are formed in parallel curved patterns. The columns are formed in parallel curved patterns. The embossings are formed through all of the layers of the lamination.