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Brazilian Diaper Maker Revamps Line

By Karen McIntyre, senior editor | June 5, 2014

Capricho offers improved features at attractive price points.

Brazilian diaper maker Capricho is implementing a rebranding project, intended to boost sales 15% this year and strengthen its name in the growing Brazilian diaper market. At the center of this project is the launch of Capricho Bummis, a disposable baby diaper line with many of the same bells and whistles offered by global diaper makers at a 10% lower price point.

“We are living a company’s new moment. For 39 years we have been present at the retail market with several infant disposable diapers brands of the basic segment, especially with the licensed lines Baby Woodpecker, Lion King, Garfield and Snoopy,” CEO Dirceu Forti Filho says. “Now, we are going to expand our operations in other segments investing more in the Capricho brand.”

The new diapers, which are available in size newborn to five, feature higher gel concentrations for better absorbency and fluid retention and impermeable leg barriers and are designed to keep baby protected for up to 12 hours. They also feature a moisture indicator to alert parents when a diaper change is needed.

“By strengthening Capricho’s image among consumers, the brand will become known for products that combine the reliability of leading brands and better prices, for modern and well informed mothers who have a busy lifestyle and makde a smart coice at the time of purchase,” Forti Filho adds.
Other features of the new diaper include soft and and breathable outer coverings, aloe vera on the top sheet to help prevent diaper rash and a perfect fit with self-adhesive tapes.

Capricho is also relaunching its existing Capricho Baby Diaper, one of its main existing product lines in the disposable diaper segment. The newly updated line will feature a differential soft touch, new package and baby smell.

In recent years, the Brazilian diaper has increased both in size and sophistication and currently contains the most diaper manufacturing plants in the Americas. Currently, global leaders Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark dominate the market but Hypermarcas, a Brazilain producers, is a close third. Together these three manufacturers control between 53-61% of the diaper market.

According to diaper industry consultant Carlos Richer, the Brazilian market is quickly moving from a developing market to a more mature one, not only in baby diapers but also for adult care. “A quick look at any of the diaper aisles at the large supermarkets and you will see a huge selection of brands and options from economy to premium, almost as large as the selection you will see in an America supermarket, maybe with just less SKU's in terms of the number of the number of counts for the same size and brand," he explains.

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