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Teknomelt Expands Meltblown Range

May 17, 2017

Company offers dual-sided material for industrial applications

Turkish nonwovens producer Teknomelt has recently added to its meltblown output with the launch of an abrasive material grade that allows the company to offer dual-sided substrates. These materials have one smooth side and one textured side for an abrasive effect in workshop and industrial applications to remove dirt and grease from hands and surfaces. Teknomelt’s other meltblown products include materials for wipes with a crow’s foot pattern and diamond patterns as well as standard meltblown materials that can be enhanced to add strength and tear resistance for challenging applications.

In addition to meltblown, Teknomelt makes spunbond nonwovens, an area where company has made some investments in the past year, namely in the hygiene and medical applications. Teknomelt also offers spunmelt wipes that offer softness and feature low lint properties.

With their wipe product range, Teknomelt provides either customized mini rolls or jumbo rolls for further customization for private brands.

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