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Suominen Introduces New Medical Nonwoven

May 9, 2017

Fibrella Wrap can be used for undercast paddings and cushions used in wound care

Finnish nonwovens company Suominen has launched Fibrella Wrap, a new material for undercast paddings and cushions used in wound care, in the South American market. Fibrella Wrap utilizes Suominen’s recent investments in upgraded production technology in its Paulínia, Brazil, plant and expands the company’s nonwoven product offering for medical applications in South America.

Fibrella Wrap is extremely soft and skin-friendly material, which makes it an outstanding option for paddings used under casts to protect bones and for any wound care application where cushion is needed. It is stretchy nonwoven material that conforms well to body contours, making the patient feel more comfortable when forced to wear a cast.

For healthcare professionals, the Fibrella Wrap nonwoven offers ease in use since paddings made of Fibrella Wrap are strong enough to be applied in a circular fashion while can also be easily torn when needed. It contains no binders, chemicals or adhesives and is compatible with all common sterilization methods, which makes the nonwoven a clean and safe material in professional care.

“In South America, cotton wadding is the most typical material used under casts and in wound care but it has two major weaknesses: it has no strength and it can be difficult to apply for the clinicians,” says Marika Mäkilä, product manager for Medical applications at Suominen. “Fibrella Wrap has no such weaknesses. Its safety and cleanliness is proven and when we add Suominen’s local production into the mix, we may say that Fibrella Wrap is the superior padding material available in the market.”

Fibrella Wrap is available in South America and is produced under ISO 9001 certified quality management system to ensure the highest level of quality and safety and, consequently, to give Suominen’s customers peace of mind.

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