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Kraton Highlights Latest Advancements in Elastic Nonwovens

April 10, 2011

Nexar Polymers for performance fabrics and C5 resin alternatives for adhesives take the spotlight.

At INDEX Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc., a leading global producer of styrenic block copolymers or ―SBCs, will present its latest innovations in elastic nonwovens, Nexar Polymers, and C5 Resin alternatives for adhesives.

Kraton scientists and executives are highlighting the features, benefits and applications of Kraton’s latest innovations in the following end uses: elastic nonwovens for single-use disposables and durable fabrics.

Kraton Polymers’ new polymer technology offers superior softness, bi-axial stretch and solid durability breaking through the process barriers of conventional styrenic block copolymers.

The competitive advantage lies in the design and optimization of the copolymer while still being suitable for high speed processing. These elastic nonwovens are proven to be drapeable and non-tacky, enabling the creation of products that are soft, quiet and discreet. Kraton polymers impart the stretch and flexibility required in personal care products and offer improved comfort in items such as scrub suit apparel, medical gown laminates and wound care dressings.

These polymers paired with polyester and nylon making interesting fabrics for uniforms, outdoor apparel and furnishings.

Nexar polymers’ selectively permeable membranes and coatings provide a unique solution that addresses the needs of textile innovators for high performance and breathable fabrics. They can be used in sports apparel, outdoor apparel and gear, military and industrial uniforms, as well as medical and geotextile applications.

NEXAR polymers are lightweight and flexible, offer selective permeability in a nonporous membrane, deliver an excellent moisture transmission rate, do not require special equipment or processes, provide high strength in wet and dry environments and are chemical and chlorine resistant.

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