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Precision Textiles Debuts EnVision

November 5, 2010

Sophisticated hybrid product brings savings to mattress manufacturers.

Precision Textiles has debuted a new hybrid productEnVision which brings sophistication, savings and convenience to mattress manufacturers through the marriage of its FR barrier and ticking fabric, both of which are laminated, thus eliminating the costly step of quilting.

Precision Textiles created the composite product to provide a high-end, yet cost-effective option for mattress manufacturers seeking sophisticated, quilting-free mattresses with high-end appeal.

Keith Martin, Precision Textiles’ Industrial business manager said the line was created to tap into the growing interest amongst mattress manufacturers to create cleaner looking mattress borders to better contrast with mattress panels.The desire to create more visual appeal in mattress manufacturing has ushered in a host of color in mattress manufacturing with a move away from standard “all white” panels and borders.This has brought about an opportunity to employ untraditional fabrics, (synthetic suede, for example) to create a host of varying surfaces textures and looks.EnVision’s arrival on the mattress manufacturing scene marks one of the more significant product introductions since FR barriers were launched several years ago.

“We designed EnVision to create the perfect blending of ticking and fiber (FR& Non FR) for use in non-quilted borders or tops of bed panels, providing a soft, supple feel, along with a smooth, sophisticated look,” said Mr. Martin.