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Needling Tools

July 26, 2007

Schober USA has improved its VentPerf needling tools and systems which are ideal for micro-perforation and cutting of film, paper, foil, laminates, nonwovens and more. New designs are available to provide ventilation, moisture release or enhanced product expansion for agricultural and consumer good packaging as well as technical materials. They are ideal for produce packaging, plastic "floating row covers," wallpaper, and nonwoven products including hospital gowns, smocks, lab coats, and more. Up to 600 holes per square inch are attainable at speeds to 600 feet/minute–with no special operator skills required. Hole sizes are adjustable. Tools for virtually any pattern can be supplied.

The VentPerf product line can be easily integrated into in-line processes, or equipped with optional unwind and rewind for stand-alone operations. Motor-driven VentPerf-Holt includes temperature controls and digital readouts for hot needling of foam and film-like web materials. VentPerf-Cold can be web- or motor-driven, and is ideal for cold needling of paper and film-like web materials. VentCut, a version of the VentPerf-Cold line, is ideal for agricultural and packaging products that require enhanced airflow and structural expansion. Custom designs and special tools are available for materials like foam, aluminum and more.