• INDA Names Finalists for 2011 Visionary Awards

    Leah Genuario , Contributor January 24, 2011
    Although few consumers understand the engineering behind their favorite products, most have come to depend—unwittingly or not—on the nonwoven fabrics behind their “must-have” brands. This is certainly the case with the finalis…

  • Trends in Disposable Diaper Design

    Carlos Richer , Richer Investment January 24, 2011
    Few products evolve as quickly as disposable diapers, especially in mature markets such as the U.S., Western Europe or Japan, where the diaper category is extremely competitive. The same trends, after some time lag, will reach all the developing mark…

  • If You Build It, They Will Come

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor January 24, 2011
    hygiene machinery specialists are building faster, more efficient systems to meet manufacturers� pressing demands for product enhancements and cost efficiencies

  • Innovation Investment

    Ian Bell , Euromonitor International January 24, 2011
    Return to Nappies/Diapers

  • Hofer Vliesstofftage Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor January 24, 2011
    conference in Hof attracts more than 320 professionals from 11 countries.

  • Oh Baby!

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor January 24, 2011
    there�s a new diaper battleground

  • 2010 The Year That Was

    Karen McIntyre, Editor December 7, 2010
    nonwovens companies continue to make moves to ensure growth

  • What an Auto Designer Thinks of Nonwovens

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor December 7, 2010
    In this interview, François Farion, design strategy and color design manager at Nissan Design America, provides his expert opinion on nonwovens in the automotive sector. Mr. Farion made a video presentation at INDA’s RISE (Research, Inno…

  • Nonwovens For The Automotive Market:

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor December 7, 2010
    the use of nonwovens is accelerating in the automotive industry, thanks to attributes such as lower weights, flexibility, the ability to absorb noise and improved aesthetics

  • Hygiene Component Trends

    Leah Genuario, Contributor December 7, 2010
    Consumer needs are the underlying driver of many hygiene component trends.

  • Vive la Diffrence! When It Comes To Apparel

    Lynne Webster, Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds December 7, 2010
    nonwovens offer a range of unique properties that other, more traditional, fabrics do not

  • Holmes Highlights

    Sandra Levy , Associate Editor December 7, 2010
    Mega Trends at RISE Conference

  • Bridging Technical Innovation & Market Applications

    Sandra Levy, Associate Editor November 10, 2010
    the industry gets a RISE out of the latest ideas in nonwovens technology

  • Feminine Hygiene Gets a Lift From Emerging Markets

    Oksana Malynovska, Euromonitor International November 10, 2010
    Latin America provides double-digit gain to sanitary protection category

  • Obtaining Patent Protection in Nano-Nonwovens: Best Practices

    Gregg Gissett, Patent Attorney, intellectual property practice group, Wombie Carlyle November 10, 2010
    The nonwovens industry is embracing the promise of nano- technology and appears to be capitalizing on the potential of nano-nonwovens, in particular. Nano-filtration, nano-composites and nano-fiber structures with fantastic mechanical properties are…