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Kin Ohmura, Osaka Chemical Marketing
November 5, 2014
major companies continue to expand in new geographies   Read More »
Kin Ohmura, Osaka Marketing
July 15, 2014
Most of the nonwovens imported is polypropylene spunbond material for diapers.  Read More »
Kin Ohmura, Osaka Marketing
June 9, 2014
Electrospinning and meltblown are the top choices for making thin fiber nonwovens.  Read More »
Nonwovens Production Trends In Asia
Kin Ohmura, Osaka Chemical Service
March 20, 2014
India, Thailand and Indonesia are expected to scale up in production.  Read More »
A look at the top superabsorbent polymer makers in the world
Kin Ohmura, Far East correspondent
November 6, 2013
Capacity is tight, upping the competition in the diaper market.  Read More »
Japanese producers set up shop offshore
Kim Ohmura, Osaka Marketing
June 12, 2013
Many companies follow hygiene makers’ move to southeast Asia   Read More »
Japan’s Nonwovens Demand Is On The Rise
Kin Ohmura, Far East Correspondent
March 12, 2013
Japan’s nonwovens demand has been on the rise after the effects of the worldwide recession. In 2008 nonwovens demand reached 381,641 tons, which then decreased to 340,260 tons in 2009 due to economic crisis. Afterwards, the market recovered to…  Read More »