Indorama Exhibiting Hygiene Fibers and Nonwovens at INDEX


Company continues to meet demand for lower base material weights, optimum fluid distribution, comfort and protection

Indorama Ventures is showcasing its range of hygiene fiber and nonwoven products with innovative functionality, across multiple hygiene applications at INDEX 2023. Working across diapers, adult incontinence and feminine Hygiene applications, Indorama Ventures innovations meet customer demand for lower base material weights, optimum fluid distribution, comfort and protection. Customers can expect to see the product portfolio featured to demonstrate functional attributes including strength and durability, micro and macro protection, lightweighting, sensation and experience as well as sustainability.

Continuing to support customers’ sustainability objectives and provide sustainable source materials for hygiene applications, Indorama Ventures’ portfolio includes DejaTM CO2 neutral fibers, a carbon neutral solution for PP staple fibers. The range highlights Indorama Ventures’ ambition and ability to produce PP, PET and rPET mono and bicomponent fibers with a lower carbon footprint.

Indorama Ventures’ development of Biotransformation Technology for nonwovens and fibers has been shortlisted under the ‘raw materials or components’ category of EDANA’s INDEXTM Innovation Awards, which will be presented during this year’s INDEXTM23 exhibition. Through its 10-year partnership agreement with technology innovator Polymateria, Indorama Ventures is applying Polymateria’s unique biotransformation technology to fibers and nonwovens.

Biotransformation is the world's first technology that is capable of delivering full biodegradation of Polyolefin products in the open terrestrial environment. Polyolefin-based materials produced by this technology are especially useful for applications where materials may be leaked into the environment as unmanaged waste.

Shachar Rachim, CEO at Indorama Ventures’ Hygiene Group, says “Underpinning all of Indorama Ventures’ products, across our comprehensive range of innovative, recycled, biodegradable and sustainable polymer solutions, is sustainable development. We are pleased to see our Biotransformation Technology collaboration being recognized and shortlisted for Excellence in the nonwovens and related industries at INDEXTM23. The development of fully biodegradable and recyclable hygiene components means we can offer scalable, innovative and commercial solutions to the industry that are environmentally friendly. It reinforces how sustainability is a strategic focus for Indorama Ventures, and we look forward to sharing this and other innovations with industry visitors to INDEX."

Avgol, an Indorama Ventures company, will use INDEX to showcase its commitment to developing solutions that deliver meaningful change. “We will present a holistic approach to sustainability with everything from our biodegradation technology and the use of more natural components, to introducing new materials with improved carbon footprint and recyclability,” says Avgol’s Acting CEO Sivan Yedidsion. “It is vitally important that we can engage with customers and partners and gain additional insight into their own desired approaches to meeting sustainability objectives - and present the industry with how we can work in synergy by bringing our own technologies, logistics and production achievements. Our overall message is one of collaboration, validated results and being future focused to make meaningful and, more importantly, relevant changes.”