Edelmann Provides Fast Winding and Slitting Machinery


Company first sold machines in China 25 years ago

Edelmann is serving the nonwovens industry with its advanced off-line and in-line winding and slitting machines, the company either sells the machines directly to customers or through cooperation with other partners. 

At SINCE 2017, the GM Jesús López Marín of Edelmann says the company has new off-line winding and slitting machinery ready for Recofil 5, which runs very fast and can process much thinner diameter fibers.

Marín says the latest development of the slitting machine from the company offers the highest speed in the industry, i.e., runs at 1800m/min with 8-30gsm spunbond materials. In addition, the company is also ready to provide higher speed winding and slitting machines for Recofil 5 lines, with the newly designed winder able to run at 1500m/min and slitting machine able to run at 2200m/min.

Edelmann sold its first machine in China 25 years ago, and the company has very solid customer base in the market.

When talking about the on-going trend of industrial 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025, Mr. Marín says, “We have many digital tools in our company. Starting in 2007, we equipped our machine with VPN connections, and connect our winders to the internet. As customers today increasingly want to get more data and information from their winder, and to be updated about the status of their own production, our controlling systems can provide data for the Chinese computer system.

"The market demand in China is becoming more challenging, as Chinese customers want to have more technical features, higher speed, higher efficiency, and more sophisticated machines with more functions. Twenty years ago, we were selling standard machines,” he adds.