Truetzschler Nonwovens Will Showcase Technologies


Company will discuss solutions for spunlacing and through-air bonding

In the last two or three years, Asian consumers have intensively demanded high-quality nonwoven end products. Several Chinese and other Asian companies already answer this trend.

Since especially soft cotton-based wipes and even tissues are sought after, Truetzschler Nonwovens (Booth 1S01) sets a focus on its proven machinery for producing top-quality cotton spunlaced nonwovens. At booth 1S01, experts will discuss the components and production process of Truetzschler’s state-of the art cotton line for wipes and pads including the wires delivered by Truetzschler Card Clothing.

Another focus will be the company’s nonwoven line for super-soft through-air bonded nonwovens. In particular hygiene products benefit from bulky and soft nonwoven qualities made on Truetzschler’s proven drum-shaped thermobonder.

The third focal point is high-speed carding lines. The new NCT card is especially designed for spunlacing lines with production speeds of some 300 m/min at the winder. A new transfer section with optimized cylinder design allows for highest throughputs without compromising on web quality.