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Gaziantep, Turkey
2012 Nonwovens Sales: $160 million
Key Personnel: Mehmet Kuyucu, general manager nonwovens and films
Plants: Gaziantep, Turke and Cairo, Egypt
Processes: Spunbond
Major markets: Baby diapers, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence
New to this year’s top company report is Gulsan Nonwovens. The maker of spunbond nonwovens for hygiene applications is based in Gaziantep, Turkey and reportedly saw its sales hit €120 million ($160 million) in 2013.
The increase came on the heels of the company’s first foreign investment, a 4.2-meter, six-beam Reicofil 4 machine located in Cairo, Egypt. The new line, capable of making 20,000 tons of nonwovens came onstream in late 2012 and is expected to boost sales even further in 2013, according to Mehmet Kuyucu, general manager nonwovens and films.
“The decision to invest in Egypt supports future growth in the industry and the region and reinforces the company’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of spunmelt materials in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa),” he says.
Within Turkey, Gulsan operates two high capacity spunbond lines capable of making about 45,000 tons of nonwovens per year. The first was built in 2004 and the second followed in 2011. Kuyucu says the company is strongly focused on hygiene.
“With our advanced technology and experience, we produce high quality, ultra lightweight and diversified nonwoven fabrics for use in baby diapers, adult incontinence and femcare applications,” he says.
Our entire building and production fields are designed to fully meet hygiene standards and produce in accordance with the EDANA norms. Our facilities are highly valued and approved by the global and local leading baby diaper manufacturers.
Gulsan, which prioritizes technology, quality and customer satisfaction has proven that it has the best service to baby diaper, adult incontinence and fem care industries in terms of its production capabilities and quality, Kuyucu says.