Methods and Apparatuses for Transferring Absorbent Articles and Rejecting Defective Absorbent Articl

May 4, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,585,797

Uwe Schneider, Cincinnati, OH; Robert George Cox, Cincinnati, OH; Michael Devin Long, Springfield Township, OH; Justin B. Owens, Fort Thomas, KY; Todd Douglas Lenser, Liberty Township, OH; David Carlton Ordway, Oxford, OH; Kazuya Ogawa, Akashi, Japan; Jeffry Rosiak, Loveland, OH; Jeffrey Michael Kent, Lebanon, OH; and Louis J. Cedrone, Mason, OH.
Assigned to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH.

Filed: 4/30/13
Issued: 3/7/17

A method for rejecting defective absorbent articles from a web converting manufacturing process, the method comprising the steps of: converting a substrate and component parts into a continuous length of absorbent articles; inspecting the substrate or component parts with a sensor; communicating inspection parameters from the sensor to a controller; cutting the continuous length of absorbent articles into discrete absorbent articles; identifying defective discrete absorbent articles based on the inspection parameters; advancing the discrete absorbent articles in a machine direction on a first carrier; transferring discrete absorbent articles from the first carrier onto carrier members at a first position proximate the first carrier; applying a vacuum pressure to the carrier members to hold the discrete absorbent articles on the carrier members; orbiting the carrier members around an axis of rotation; moving carrier members from the first position proximate the first carrier to a second position proximate a second carrier; and transferring discrete absorbent articles from the carrier members to the second carrier; and rejecting defective discrete absorbent articles before the defective absorbent articles are transferred to the second carrier.