Method of Making an Absorbent Composite and Absorbent Articles Employing the Same:

March 27, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,566,198

Andrew C. Wright, Derbyshire, England; and Eugenio Varona, Marietta, GA.
Assigned to DSG Technology Holdings Ltd., Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong.

Filed: 9/13/13
Issued: 2/14/17

A disposable absorbent article, comprising: a chassis body defined by a first end margin and a second end margin longitudinally spaced from the first end margin, the end margins partially defining front and back waist regions that are fastenable about a waist of a user; a topsheet; a backsheet; and an absorbent composite disposed between the topsheet and backsheet, the absorbent composite including a first fabric; a second fabric bonded to said first fabric; and absorbent particles adhered between said first and second fabric; and wherein the first fabric is intermittently attached to the second fabric to define a plurality of containers situated between the first fabric and the second fabric and containing an aggregate of absorbent particles; and wherein the absorbent composite includes regions of containers of absorbent particles aggregates including a primary region having containers of a first size and a secondary region having a plurality of containers of a second size different from the first size; and wherein the topsheet and backsheet define longitudinal and lateral margins of the chassis body; and wherein the containers of the second size are positioned to fill voids between adjacent containers of the first size.