Apertured Formed Film with a Pattern of Apertures and a Plurality of Light Trap Micro-Pits:

March 9, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,554,949

Rickey J. Seyler, Chesterfield, VA; Paul Eugene Thomas, Terre Haute, IN; and Andrew D. Maschino, Terre Haute, IL.
Assigned to Tredegar Film Products Corporation, Richmond, VA.

Filed: 9/10/13
Issued: 1/31/17

An apertured film comprising an apertured film surface area comprising a pattern of apertures and lands surrounding the apertures, the lands comprising a land area; the land area comprising a plurality of light trap micro-pits randomly positioned on the land area with uniform density across the land area and a total reflective area, each of the light trap micro-pits comprising an opening with a sidewall descending from the opening to a bottom; wherein each of the openings of the light trap micro-pits comprises an irregular perimeter with an average diameter and a depth greater than half the average diameter of the micro-pit divided by tan 37.5, wherein the apertured film surface area comprises a 75° gloss in the machine direction of the apertured film of less than 4.0.