Absorbent Products with Wetness Sensors:

March 9, 2017

U.S. Patent No. 9,554,948

Xuedong Song, Alpharetta, GA; Andrew M. Long, Appleton, WI (US); WanDuk Lee, Seoul, Korea; and Jun Mo Gil, Deajeon, Korea.
Assigned to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc., Neenah, WI.

Filed: 6/25/09
Issued: 1/31/17

An absorbent article capable of determining the presence or absence of a water-containing liquid, the absorbent article comprising: a chassis comprised of a substantially liquid impermeable outercover and a liquid permeable bodyside liner, the chassis having a front waist seam, a back waist seam and a pair of opposing side seams; wherein the bodyside liner is attached to the outercover at the front waist seam, the back waist seam and the pair of opposing side seams; and an absorbent core positioned between the substantially liquid impermeable outercover and the liquid permeable bodyside liner; and a sensor integrated into the article and positioned such that the sensor is in fluid communication with bodily fluids or waste from a wearer of the article, the sensor comprising a substrate, the substrate having at least one type of wetness indicating material immobilized or printed thereon, wherein and the indicating material contains at least one electron-donating leuco dye and one electron deficient receptor, and wherein the indicating material contains a wettability enhancing agent or a hydrophilic water-soluble agent; wherein the sensor is capable of a color transition from a color to a weaker color or colorless when in contact with said bodily fluid or waste.