The 24th China International Disposable Paper Expo (CIDPEX2017) Show Preview

March 9, 2017

Hubei event will attract 700 exhibitors, 30,000 visitors this month.

CIDPEX, the 24th China International Disposable Paper Expo, will be held March 22-24, 2017, at the Wuhan International Expo Center in Hubei, China. The show will cover an 80,000 square meter exhibition area, attract 700 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees. The largest event for tissue paper and disposable hygiene products in the world, CIDPEX will showcase the latest innovations and evaluate products in tissue paper/disposable hygiene products industry onsite. The event will also feature a high level conference providing information on the latest technology conducted in both English and Chinese.

CIDPEX2017 is the largest exhibition for the tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world. After more than 20 years of careful cultivation, the China International Disposable Paper Expo (CIDPEX), organized by the China National Household Paper Industry Association (CNHPIA), has become a well-known annual industry event, attracting tens of thousands of domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors every year. Its international influence is becoming increasingly prominent. 

Disposable Hygiene Products Pavilion
• Hubei C-Bons (Booth A2D20): C-BONS is specialized in the  production of sanitary napkins and pantyliners. Safe, comfortable and personalized products are made according to the needs of customers. The brand Ladycare has won the trust and favor of Chinese female customers.

• Zhejiang Youquan Care Products Technology (Booth A2G20): The company will mainly show its baby diapers, wet/dry wipes, breast pads, and tissue paper products. It can also provide OEM/ODM service.

• Imperial Palace Commodity (Shenzhen) (Booth A2A20): The main product of the company is wet wipes, including baby wet wipes, kitchen wet wipes adult care wet wipes, etc. It also produces baby tissues, maternal pads and urine-isolation pads. It can provide OEM service of wet wipes.

• Foshan Kayson Hygiene Products (Booth A2A30): The company produces sanitary napkins and pantyliners, baby diapers/diaper pads. At CIDPEX2017, it will mainly show sanitary napkins with the brands of Xiaoni and U.style, and U.style baby diapers.

•  Wuhan Chahuanv Hygiene Products (Booth A2F07): The company is engaged in the production and sales of women and baby care hygiene products. It will show baby diapers and sanitary napkins at CIDPEX2017.

• Daddybaby (Booth A2F19): Produces and sells baby diapers, diaper pads, baby care and skin care products, adult diapers and sanitary napkins. The company continues to introduce advanced production lines to provide high quality hygiene products.

• Hangzhou Qianzhiya Sanitary Products (Booth A2F29): The company mainly produces baby training pants, baby diapers, adult diapers, and adult pull-up pants. Its products are also sold in more than 20 countries and regions outside China.

• Dongguan Changxing Paper (Booth A2G30): At CIDPEX2017, the company will show baby diapers and adult diapers products. The products have strong absorbent ability and breathability.

• Shandong Jingxin Nonwoven Products (Booth A2G40): It mainly produces adult diapers, under pads, baby diapers, pet pads and nonwovens. The company uses its own PE film and nonwovens for diapers production, which gives it an advantage in cost control and new product innovation.

• U-play Corporation (Booth A2G46): The company mainly produces adult diapers, under pads, pet pads and wet wipes. It sets up many labs with leading companies to develop new products to meet the market demand.

Raw Material Pavilion
• Xiamen Yanjan New Material (Booth A3C26): The company mainly produces apertured film, apertured nonwovens, and airthrough nonwovens. It has developed three-dimensional apertured & embossing nonwovens technology, which can make the material soft, comfortable, dry and stylish.

• CHTC Jiahua Nonwoven (Booth A3E20): It can provide spunbonded/spunmelt nonwovens, PP/PE bicomponent nonwovens, and specially treated nonwovens. The material is widely used in the medical care and hygiene products industry. 

• Foshan Nanhai Beautiful Nonwoven (Booth A3F36): The main products include Wonderful and Beautiful nonwovens, Laofuzi adult diapers/pads and under pads.

• Mondi (China) Film Technology (Booth A3F46): At CIDPEX2017, the company will mainly show elastic big ear, elastic waistband, landing zone, release film and release paper. Its new product, MD stretchable film, has 200% stretchability in the machine direction. It would bring more innovation effects to baby and feminine pants.

• Paiho Group (Booth A3J40): Taiwan Paiho produces magic hook, loop fastener and magic tape for diapers. The material is soft and thin. The different design of hooks can perfectly match with any loops.

• Henkel (China) (Booth A4A26): It produces Technomelt hot melt adhesive. Main features of the product include: low temperature, low odor, low usage, low carbonization and low color.

• Bostik (Shanghai) Management (Booth A4F25): The company provides hot melt adhesives for disposable hygiene products.

• Wanhua Chemical Group (Booth A4G20): The company provides Wanice SAP, which is independently developed. The product has features such as fast absorption rate, high liquid retention, etc.

• Guangzhou Yuesheng Industry and Trade (Booth A4G30): The company mainly provides packing material for baby diapers and sanitary napkins.

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