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Bemax to Sell Diapers Via Amazon

January 9, 2017

Company will list two private label brands on e-commerce site this spring

Bemax Inc. is entering the U.S. market with two private label brands on, starting in April, the diaper manufacturer has announced.

Launching on Amazon is part of the first phase for Bemax disposable diapers to penetrate the U.S. market, according to CEO Taiwo Aimasiko. In further phases in 2017 the company plans to launch its private label brands to traditional U.S. retail outlets.

In September 2015, Bemax announced it would launch an exclusive private-label of disposable diapers and wipes, called Mother's Hugs, to be sold and distributed through existing Bemax distribution channels of wholesalers and retailers in Europe and emerging African markets as well as to buyers online through Bemax ecommerce website. At the time, executives estimated annual  sales to reach $5.5 million.

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