Preferential bend structure and articles containing said structure

May 21, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,652,116 B2
Inventor(s): Jeromy Thomas Raycheck, Lebanon, OH, US; Mark James Kline, Okeana, OH, US; and Bruce William Lavash, West Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, US.
Filed: 9/30/05
Issue: 2/18/14

A disposable absorbent article having a body-facing surface, a garment-facing surface, and at least a first end region, a second end region, and an intermediate region; wherein at least one of said first end region, second end region, or intermediate region comprises a first preferential bend structure having a first face and an opposing second face, said first preferential bend structure comprising a base layer and an auxiliary layer; wherein the base layer comprises a material composition having a compressive modulus of Kbase and a tensile modulus of Tbase; wherein the auxiliary layer comprises a material composition having a compressive modulus of Kaux and a tensile modulus of Taux; wherein a sum of Kbase and Taux relative to a sum of Kaux and Tbase causes the first preferential bend structure to exhibit a preferential bend wherein a first deforming force applied to the first face results in a first deflection and a second deforming force applied to the second face results in a second deflection which is equal to the first deflection, and wherein the second deforming force is not equal to the first deforming force.

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