Deodorizing super-absorbent composition

May 21, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,653,320 B2
Inventor(s): Franck Furno, Düsseldorf, Germany; Felix Müller, Velbert, Germany; Jörg Peggau, Essen, Germany; Michael Keup, Datteln, Germany; and Harald Schmidt, Tonisvorst. Germany.
Company: Evonik Degussa GmbH, Essen, Germany.
Filed: 11/17/06
Issued: 2/18/14

An odor-absorbing superabsorbing composition, comprising: i a post-crosslinked water-absorbing polymer structure having an average particle size in the range of about 515 μm to about 850 μm; and ii an odor binder comprising as components b1 an amino acid wherein said amino acid is cysteine; and b2 a ricinolate compound of general formula I with R1 as a C1 to C20 hydrocarbon, X as not present or a double bond system comprising in a range from 1 to about 5 double bonds; M as a charged or uncharged metal; m in a range from 1 to about 15; n in a range from 1 to about 5; o in a range from 1 to about 4, wherein said odor binder is brought into contact with the surface of the post-crosslinked water-absorbing polymer structure after surface crosslinking such that the penetration depth of said odor binder into said surface of the post-crosslinked water-absorbing polymer structure is less than 2% of the diameter of the water-absorbing polymer structure wherein the odor-absorbing superabsorbing composition has an absorption against pressure of 0.7 psi (AAP(0.7 psi)) of from 21 g/g to 30 g/g.
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