Absorbent article comprising one or several patterns

May 21, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,647,319 B2
Inventor(s): Hans Een, Mölnlycke, Sweden; Marcus Lehto, Fotö, Sweden; and Ulrika Carlson, Billdal, Sweden.
Filed: 11/19/07
Issue: 2/11/14

An absorbent article comprising at least one elasticated area, the elasticated area comprising a first layer and a second layer of material together with a plurality of thread-shaped elastic elements oriented essentially in parallel and arranged between the first and second layers of material, the elasticated area comprising discreet connecting elements arranged in rows to either side of each of the elastic elements, the connecting elements connecting the first and second layers of material in such a way that, together with the first and second layers of material, they form constricted passages, through which the elastic elements run, the elastic elements being mechanically anchored in the constricted passages, wherein the elasticated area comprises a patterned area, the connecting elements are arranged in rows along a respective elastic element of the elastic elements which run through the patterned area, and in the patterned area at least some of the connecting elements in the same row are arranged at varying distances relative to one another or exhibit a varying extent parallel to the elastic elements so that the distances or extent of the connecting elements in the patterned area are different than that of the connecting elements outside of the patterned area, such that the connecting elements in the patterned area form a visible pattern that distinguishes the patterned area from the remainder of the elasticated area, the visible pattern being in a form of a text, image or symbol.