Non-woven material for use as a body facing sheet in an absorbent article

May 12, 2014

US Patent No.: 8,637,728 B2
Inventor(s): Lars Fingal, Göteborg, Sweden; and Jeanette Hellström, Göteborg, Sweden.
Company: SCA Hygiene Products AB, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Filed: 5/30/07
Issued: 1/28/14

A nonwoven material comprising at least two layers integrated into each other, for use as a body facing sheet in an absorbent article, wherein the first layer comprises spunlaid filaments and the second layer comprises staple fibres, wherein the staple fibres have a thickness ≤0.7 dtex and the filaments are continuous and have a thickness ≧2.5 dtex, the staple fibres constitute 10-40% by weight of the material and the filaments constitute 60-90% by weight of the material, and the non-woven material has a surface weight of 20-50 g/m2.
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